Holy Book Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi


Holy Book

Relgion Of God

His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi(Author)  The Religion of God Hidden Secrets of God

Holy Book

His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi

The Religion of God

 Hidden Secrets of God

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 The Holy Scripture “Religion Of God” is a gift for the people
Who love and search for God.

Note for Zakireen

(Followers of His Holiness Gohar Shahi)

 Convey this Holy Scripture to righteous, fair-minded people and those in search for God.
Hypocrite (in primordial time) will attempt to eradicate this book.


Compiled by

Amjad Ali (UAE)
Younus AlGohar (UK)

  Mehdi Movement International

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It is a very responsible thing to translate the Holy Scripture from its original language into modern speech. Translating the Holy Scripture means rendering into another language the thoughts and sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi.

The Holy Scripture “Religion of God” is a long awaited and divine medicine for the restive hearts and dormant souls. The fundamental concept of the book is Divine Love. Love for all, hatred for none.

The translator of the Holy Scripture, Mir Liaquat Ali (of United States of America), who fear and love the Divine Author (His Holiness Gohar Shahi) of the Holy Scripture, feel towards Him a special responsibility to transmit his thoughts and declarations as accurately as possible. Mir Liaquat Ali also feels a responsibility towards the searching readers who depend upon a translation of the inspired word for their everlasting salvation and enlightenment.

The reader of this Holy Scripture will realize that these teachings befit all human beings. It will spring hope from human breast for an eternal life. It will also help you judge the personality of the Author and His Manifestation.

The appearance of His images on the Moon, the Sun, Mars and various other places, have already been verified by many organizations. It also signifies His grandeur and majesty.

People belonging to different religions and faiths, having enlightened through His spiritual Grace, and finding His images on the Moon, the Sun, Mars, in Temples, in Hajre Aswad (Muslims sacred place in Mecca), have known him to be the Promised Messiah, the Awaited Mehdi and Kalki Avatar.

We are very happy and satisfied to present this Divine Gift to the aspiring hearts. This book is also available online at www.goharshahi.com

Mohammad Younus AlGohar
London, England



After the images of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, appearing in the Holy Black Stone in Mecca, the Moon, the Sun, and Shiv Temple and at various locations, a number of Muslims and non-Muslims believe His Holiness to be the Awaited Mehdi, the Kalki Avatar and the Messiah. Many religious books foretell His arrival.

We invite you to judge Him. For study and research, please contact us. You may please also try to recognise him through His books.

Mohammad Younus AlGohar
London, England



The religions, which are based on the heavenly Books, are authentic as long as they were not altered.

Religions: The Boats and the Scholars are like navigators. If either one is defective, it is impossible to reach the destination; however, the Saints do take even the damaged `boats` (people) safely to the shore. The broken hearts flock around the Saints for this reason.

Superior to religion is the love of God, which is the Essence of all religions, whereas the Light of God is an illuminating guide in the Way.

Three parts are of the exoteric knowledge, and one part is the esoteric that was spread by Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj).

The Love of God is the only way for Nearness to God. The dogs are better than an individual whose heart is empty of God, as dogs love their master, and achieve the nearness of their master, otherwise an ` unclean` dog and a divinely ordained human cannot be compared.

If you desire the paradise and its damsels, worship a lot to reach the highest of the Heavens.

However, if you are in search of God, you must learn spirituality also, so that while staying on the straightway, you can access the Essence of God.

R. A. Gohar Shahi


His Holiness Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Gohar Shahi, the one who spent three years in a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Sehwan and Laal Bagh, Sind, Pakistan, for the sake of Divine Love. His Holiness refrained from the world and its pleasure for Union with God. He then returned to the routines of life, by the Command of God.

He enlightened the hearts of thousands of people with the commemoration of God, and attracted a large number of people towards Divine Love. Members of all faiths and religions invited His Holiness for lectures on spirituality to their places of worship mosques, temples, and churches in order to acquire the teachings of heart-commemoration.

A large number of men and women gave up sinful deeds, and inclined towards God. His Holiness cured numerous people with incurable diseases through His spiritual healing.

Then, God manifested the facial image of His Holiness Gohar Shahi in the Moon. Later his image appeared in the Holy Black Stone Hajr-e- Aswad (Ka’aba, Mecca).  His fame spread in the four corners of the globe. Mullahs, deprived of the spiritual insight, and those who begrudge saints, disapproved of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. They altered His books and issued verdicts of kufr (disbelief) and death against His Holiness Gohar Shahi. They threw a petrol bomb at his residence in Manchester, and they once threw a hand grenade on Him while he was addressing a spiritual gathering in Kotri, Pakistan. A huge amount of money was set aside as price on his head.

In Pakistan, they instigated against His Holiness five false cases, very sensitive in nature. Due to Nawaz Shareef, the former prime minister of Pakistan, the Provincial Government of Sind also became involved. Of those cases, two consist of murder, one of possession of illegal arms and another of illegal possession of land. They also caused to register a case of battery on him in America. Yellow journalism left no stone unturned in trying to defame and dishonour him. Finally, after thorough investigation, the courts acquitted all the cases, and pronounced His Holiness as innocent. God thus saved his friend from all calamities, as he always does.


Report of the cases instigated against His Holiness Gohar Shahi,
by Sindh High Court

 His Holiness Gohar Shahi continues to be trapped in false cases due to sectarianism

Failure to the previous false cases, the Satans (Mullah’s) instigated yet another false and logical case of (PPC-295, claiming to be a Prophet), against His Holiness Gohar Shahi. The Mullah’s also achieved the favour of the elite of the Government. Even Rafique Tarar, the former President of Pakistan became partial due to sectarian bias. As a result, being under pressure the judge of Anti terrorist court announced the verdict against His Holiness Gohar Shahi. God willing, this false case will be acquitted in either High court or the Supreme Court.


Man from the beginning to the End

When God willed to make the souls, He said, “ Be”, and countless souls came into existence. In front of God and near Him, were the souls of the prophets. Behind them in the second row, were the souls of the saints and in third row, the souls of the believers and behind them were the souls of ordinary human beings. Thereafter, the souls of women came into being beyond the eye could see. Then behind them appeared the animal spirits, then the botanical spirits, and then such mineral spirits that did not possess any strength of movement.

On the right side of God, there were the souls of the angels, followed by the souls of damsels (of the paradise). They were unable to see the face of the Lord. As the angels were on the right side of God, they were also unable to see the face of the Lord. Behind them were the souls of Muakkel (angel-like creature), which later came into the world in order to assist prophets and the saints. On the left side of God, were the souls of the djinns, followed by infernal spirits, and then evil spirits, which aided the Satan in his work after coming into the world.

The souls on the right and the left side, and those beyond the eyesight could not see the manifestation of the Lord (in primordial time).

For this reason, the djinns, the angels, and women could enter in mutual colloquy with the Lord, but they will not behold Him.

There was a fireball in the terrestrial sphere. God commanded it to cool; then its fragments spread in the space (forming our solar system); the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, the Earth, and the stars are all its fragments; and the sun is the remainder of the fireball. The Earth became nothing but ash. The mineral spirits (the spirits which bond and solidify atoms) were sent down to the Earth for consolidating it into stone. Then, the botanical spirits were sent down to sprout trees and plantation in the rocks. Thereafter, animal appeared from animal spirits coming to the Earth.

God did ask all the souls (in primordial time), “ Am I Your Lord?” all souls professed and prostrated (in response). The spirits of the rocks and the trees did prostrate too, as mentioned in a verse of the Holy Scripture.

Then in order to test the souls, God displayed an illusionary world and its pleasures, and asked if anyone is desirous of it (the world), go forth and obtain. A multitude of souls rushed forth towards the illusionary world turning away from the face of God. The Hell was written for them in their destiny. Then, God showed a vision of the paradise, which was better than the first sight, and a place for the obedient and the devotee. Many souls leapt towards it, and the paradise was written as in their destiny. Many souls were unable to make a decision, and they were then, placed between the merciful (Lord) and the Satan. These souls became trapped between (the two) after coming into the world, and their destiny lay with, whomever they became attached to.

Many souls remained beholding the Manifestation of God (in the primordial time) without the desire of the world or the Paradise. God did love them, and they loved God. After coming into the world, such souls abandoned the (material) world for the sake of God, and made their abode in the jungles.

To serve the souls and for their pleasure, eighteen thousand types of creatures were brought in existence: six thousand in the Sea, six thousand on the Land, and six thousand in the Air and upper Celestial Spheres.

Then God created seven grades of the Paradise and seven grades of the Hell.

The seven heavens are: Khuld, Daar-us-Salaam, Daar-ul-Qaraar, Adan, al-Mawa, Naeem, and Firdaus. All the enumerated names are of Sur-yaani language (the language in which God addresses the angels).

All religions have tenet that God can send to the Hell or to the Paradise, to whosoever He chooses. Had He sent any soul straight to the Hell (in the primordial time), it would have complained as to what crime it had committed? Then, God would have said that you turned your face away from me, and chose the world instead. The soul would then say, “It was only a foolish engagement, but not action.” Thus, the souls were sent into the world to settle this pretext.

Adam, who is also known as Shankar Jee, was made from the clay from the Paradise. Besides the human soul, some other spiritual entities were placed in it. When the body of Adam was being made, the Satan spat (at him) in jealousy, and the saliva dropped at the navel. The bacteria in the saliva entered the body. The Satan is from the community of the djinns. It is mentioned in a prophetic tradition that when a human being is born, a satanic djinn is also born with it at the same time. The human body was made of clay to house sixteen spiritual entities along with the whisperer (Khannas) and four (spiritual) birds also.

A matter emerged from the left rib of Adam resembling a woman in appearance. A soul was then placed in it, which became Eve. Thereafter, Adam descended from the heaven to Sri Lanka, and Eve descended at Jeddah. This was the origin of the Asian race, thus continuing a gradual descend of remaining souls to the Earth. The religions were created as schools for the education, training and the elevation of the souls. According to their destiny in the primordial time, some souls remained in religions and others without a religion.

The souls loving God also came in this world, some came into the homes of the Muslims, other were born into the homes of Hindus, yet others into the homes of the Sikhs, the Christians or the Jews. They attempted to search for God through their respective religion. This is the reason; the Elect in every religion adopted asceticism. Some people ascribe that asceticism is not in Islam; this tenet is not true; Prophet Mohammad did also go to the cave of “Hira”. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Ajmeri, Data Ali Hajweri, Bari Imam, Baba Farid, Shahbaz Qalander etc, were extolled to the elevated spiritual status only after asceticism. The propagation of the religion occurred through them.


The Origin of Man in the World

After the human sperm entering the womb, the mineral spirit arrives to enable the blood to gather. Then, the foetus grows in the womb with botanical spirit. The animal spirit enters the womb after four months, and the foetus begins to move in the womb. They are called “terrestrial spirits”. After birth, the human soul arrives along with the other spiritual entities, which are called “the celestial spirits”.

If a child dies in the womb a few moments before birth, there is no funeral for it, as it was not a complete human being. Should a child die a few moments after the birth, then, its funeral service is obligatory due to the arrival of human soul along with the spirit of the Self (the Ego) with its companion faculties located at navel point. If the mineral spirit is strong, the man prefers to live in the mountains. Similarly, the man develops affection for flowers and trees due to the botanical spirit. Further, a love for animals and the behaviour like that of animals develops, if the animal spirit is dominant within a person. The Self (generally referred to as the Ego) resembles a dog in appearance. When this is the dominant force, that person develops a dog-like behaviour and affection for dogs. With the awakening of the Spiritual Entity “Qalb”  (Heart), the human being is angelic in nature.

After a person’s death, the celestial Spirits, which are particular to each body, return to the celestial spheres, whereas the terrestrial spirits including the Self remain in this world. Terrestrial spirits, allocated to individual bodies, are reallocated from one body to another, as they are not related to the day of judgement.

The purified Self, however, remains in their graves, continuing worshipping and assisting people. Just as, Prophet Mohammad on the (Night of Ascension) passed by the grave of the Prophet Moses, and saw him engaged in meditation, and when Prophet Mohammad reached the Celestial Spheres, He saw Prophet Moses was present there also. The ones with the dominant Self (Ego) are Evil, and collude with the Satan in self-defence. They harm people entering into their bodies. They are called Evil Spirits.

According to the Bible, Jesus used to cast out evil spirits (from those who were possessed). The terrestrial spirits including the Self remain in the world after death, whereas the human soul is sent either to Illiyin (High Places) or to Sijjin (where the evil and wicked souls are confined till the final judgement). The remaining spiritual entities inside the human body, if they are illuminated, go to Illiyin; otherwise, they are wasted in the graves. Because of the Self, the Man became impure.

According to the Saint Bhulle Shah, “ The Self made us impure, we were not impure from the beginning”.

The Books were revealed; the Prophets and the saints came for purifying the Self. The Man was sometimes frightened with the Hell, and other times encouraged with the incentive of the Paradise. By practising various austerities, meditation, worship, and fasting, the efforts are made to reform and improve, and only then, the individual is entitled to enter the Paradise. Many people purified themselves through esoteric knowledge, thereby becoming the Friends of God.


The Entity Nafs (The carnal Self or the Ego)

This is a satanic bacterium, and its place is at navel point. All the Prophets and the Saints sought refuge from its mischief. Its diet is phosphorus and bad small, which is also available in bones, coal and dung. Every religion stressed bathing after sexual intercourse because bad smell of sexual intercourse emits from the pores. In addition, drinks and the meat of animals with unpleasant odours are prohibited for human consumption.

All the souls in front of God up to and including the mineral spirits became acquainted and united with each other in the primordial time. The man built homes from rocks due to the mineral spirits. The man made roofs for his home with wood from trees due to botanical spirits. He benefited from the shade of the trees that also provided clean oxygen. The animal souls, which were in the rear, came into the world, became animals, which were made lawful for human consumption. Birds of the same category were also made lawful.

On the left side of God, the djinns and the infernal spirits were made, and behind them were the evil spirits that became the enemies of God later on. The animals, botanical, and mineral spirits, which appeared behind these wicked spirits, antagonized the man. The mineral spirits of this category, sent to the world, became coal and ash. Gases released by them became harmful to man. Dangerous and thorny vegetation and man-eating trees came into existence due to the botanical spirits of this category.

Due to the animal spirit of this category, (on the left side of God) man-eating and wild animals came into being. Birds related to this group were declared unlawful for human consumption due to their hostility towards human being. They are recognized by the fact that they eat their food by holding it with their claw.

The souls on the right side came into being as the servants, the helpers and the message-bearer for the man. Having endowed with most magnificence, God appointed the man as His vicegerent. It is now the man’s choice, effort and destiny either to accept vicegerency or to reject it.

The Self leaves the body in dream, takes on the appearance of the person, and wanders in the satanic gatherings. The Self, along with the whisperer (Khannas), which resembles like an elephant, and sits between the Self (at the navel) and Qalb (which is close to the heart).  Khannas collaborates with the Self in misguiding the man.

In addition, four spiritual birds cling to the four Spiritual Entities inside the human body in misguiding the man. Of these four birds, the cockerel clings itself to Qalb dominating the heart with lust. With the meditation of the heart (Qalb), does the cockerel become purified to develop awareness for distinguishing the difference between the lawful and the unlawful. Qalb, in this state is called Qalb-e-Salim (the sound heart).

Attached to the spiritual entity Sirri is a Crow creating greed. Similarly, with Khaffi is a peacock creating envy, and with Akhfa is a pigeon creating stinginess. The nature of the birds forces greed and envy upon the spiritual entities until they are not spiritually illuminated. It was these four birds, which were taken out of the body of Abraham, purified, and returned to his body. After death, the birds inside the purified man make their home in the trees. Many people make birds-like sounds after spending a few days in the jungles. These birds become intimate, and help them with some healing.


An important Anectode

The spirit of the Self is connected with the Satan.

The five Spiritual Entities inside the breast are respectively connected with the five Rasul (the Messengers).

The Spiritual Entity Anna (located in the head) is connected with God.

Similarly, the relation of the human body is with Kamil Murshid (Universal Master).

When the man does not connect to certain to spiritual entity, he deprives himself of the respective spiritual grace and bounty.


1. The Spiritual entity Qalb

Its prophecy and knowledge was granted to the Prophet Adam

The piece of flesh (the heart) is called ‘Dil’ in Urdu and ‘Fawad’ in Arabic. The spiritual entity (subtle organ) with the heart is Qalb. Prophet Adam received its prophecy and knowledge. In a prophetic tradition, “ There is a difference between the heart and Qalb.” This world is terrestrial (Nasut) realm. Besides this, there are other realm such as Malakut (The realm of angels), Ankabut, Jabrut (the realm of Divine compulsion), Lahut (the realm of Divine Nature), Wahdat (the realm of Unity) and Ahdiyat (the realm of Divine Oneness).

These Realms already existed before the explosion of the fireball in Terrestrial Realm of Nasoot, and its entities already existed then. The angels came in existence along with the souls. But, The Archangels and the spiritual entities ‘Lataif’ (which are placed inside the human body at birth) were already existent in these stations. Later on, many planets were inhabited in the terrestrial realm. Subsequently, some of these life forms became extinct, and others are awaiting (there destruction). The Archangels and the spiritual entities ‘Lataif’ (of the human body) were brought in existence seventy thousand years before the command “BE” for the souls. Of the spiritual entities, God placed the ‘Qalb’ in the ‘Station of Love’. It is an intermediary to establish connection between God and the servant. It is like a telephone operator between God and the servant. Dalil (proof or demonstration) and Ilham (Inspiration) to the man arrive through it.

The worship done by the spiritual entities, reach the highest realm -The Throne of God- through it. But, this entity itself cannot journey beyond Malakut (the realm of the angels), as its place is Khuld (the lowest heaven).

Its worship stays within, and its Tasbih (Glorification) stays within the human skeleton (the heartbeat). The dwellers of Paradise without its meditation (in the world) will be regretful, because God said, “ Whether the dwellers of the Paradise think they will be equal to the pious ones?”(Who attained higher realm by practising this spiritual discipline, as there are seven levels of Paradise). The ones with the meditation of Qalb will enjoy its pleasures even in Paradise (When their Qalb will be vibrating with the name of Allah, as it did in the phenomenal world).

The physical world ends at death. The people, whose Qalb and other spiritual entities are not strong enough with the light of God, are decayed in their graves or wasted away, whereas the illuminated ones and strong spiritual entities will go to Illiyin (High places). After the day of judgement, a new body will be given, and the illuminated spiritual entities along with the human soul will enter that body. The people, who taught their spiritual entities meditation, whereby they enchant the name  “Allah” in this world, will continue this meditation in the world to come. They will continue to be elevated having reached there. The ‘blind of heart’ (not illuminated) in this phenomenal world, will be ‘blind of heart’ in the world to come, as this was the world of action, thus becoming stagnant in the hereafter.

Besides the Christian and the Jews, the Hindus also confess these spiritual entities. The Hindus refer to them as ‘Shaktian’, and the Muslims know them as Lata’if. Qalb is located two inches to the left of the heart. This entity is yellow in colour. It’s awakening makes one feel yellow colour in eyes. Many practitioners of alternative medicine heal people using the colours of these spiritual entities.

Often people take their heart’s word (inner feeling) as truthful. If the hearts were indeed truthful, then why are not all the people of the heart united? Qalb of the common folk is in a sleeping or unconscious state (Qalb-e-Sanober), and does not possess any awareness or correct understanding. This heart error in judgement due to the dominance of the Self and Khannas (The Whisperer), or due to the person’s own simple-mindedness.

Placing trust in a sleeping (or unconscious) heart is foolish. When the name Allah does vibrate in heart, an awareness of Right and Wrong, and understanding follow. It is then called Qalb-e-Salim (the sound heart). Then the prominence of the meditation by Qalb changes its direction towards God; it is called Qalb-e-Munib (the repentant heart). This heart can prevent a person from mischief, but it cannot make a right judgement. When the theophanies (Tajalliyat) of God begin to fall on the heart, it is called Qalb-e-shaheed (the witnessing heart).

A prophetic tradition relates, “ The Mercy of God descends upon broken heart and a dilapidated grave”. (When the heart reaches this stage), one must readily accept whatever it alludes to because due to the theophanies (Tajally), the Self becomes Nafs-e-Mutmayinna (the tranquil Self). God is then nearer to him then his jugular vein. God then says, “I become his tongue with which he speaks. I become his hands with which he holds”.


2. The Human Soul

Its prophecy and knowledge was granted to the Prophet Abraham

The spiritual entity ‘Soul’ is on the right side if the breast. The meditation and the contemplation awaken the Soul. Then, a vibration similar to the heartbeat is prominent on the right side. Then the name of God ‘Ya Allah’ is matched with the vibration. Thus, there two spiritual entities meditating inside the Man, and this is higher in rank than the meditation of Qalb. The colour of Soul is red, when the Soul is awakened it accesses up to the Realm of Souls, Jabrut, which is the station of Gabriel. Anger and rage cling to it effacing into Majesty.


3. The Spiritual Entity Sirri (The Secret)

Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to the Prophet Moses

This spiritual entity is to the left of the centre of the breast. It is also awakened by the meditation and contemplation on the Name of God ‘Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum’. Its colour is white. In the dream State or in, ‘transcendental meditation’, it journeys to Lahut (The Realm of Divine Nature). Now there are three Spiritual Entities meditating within a person, and it is high in rank than the other two.


4. The Spiritual Entity Khaffi (The Hidden)

Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to the Prophet Jesus

This is to the right of the centre of the breast. It too is taught the Name of God ‘Ya Wahid’ by meditation. Its colour is green. Its reach is to Wahdat (The Realm of Unity). One’s rank is further increased due to the meditation of four Entities.


5. The Spiritual Entity Akhfa (The Deeply Hidden)

Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to the Prophet Mohammed

This Entity is located at the centre of the breast. The meditation on the Name of God ‘Ya Ahad’ is its culmination. Its colour is violet and it too, is related to that veil of Wahdat behind which is the Throne of God.

The Esoteric knowledge of the five Spiritual Entities was respectively granted to the five Rasul (The Messengers). One-half knowledge of each Spiritual Entity reached from Prophets to the Saints. Thus, there became ten parts of it. Then, the elect benefited from this knowledge of the saints.

The Exoteric knowledge relates to the Physical body, the Spoken Word, The Terrestrial Realms and The Self  (The Ego) and is for common folks. This knowledge is contained in the Exoteric Book that has thirty parts. The Messengers received the Esoteric knowledge also through ‘Wahy’ (Revelation brought by Gabriel), and it is called the ‘Esoteric Holy Scripture’. Many verses of the Quran were abrogated later. The reason for this was that at times Prophet Mohammed uttered openly, which was meant for the elect only. Later on, the transmission of this knowledge esoterically continued from one Saint to another, and it is now disclosed in the books.


6. The Spiritual Entity Anna

This entity is inside the Head and is colourless. The meditation on the name of God ‘Ya Hu’ is its culmination. This Spiritual entity, when strengthens, encounters God face-to-face, engaging in mutual conversation with Him without veils. This is the station of Ashiq (The passionate Lover of God). Besides this, God grants to some Elect other Spiritual Entities such as: Tifl-e-Nuri or Jussa-Toufiq-e-Ilahi. Their status is beyond understanding.

With the Spiritual Entity Anna, the vision of God is in the dream.

With the Spiritual Entity Jussa-Toufiq-e-Ilahi, the Vision of God is through Muraqaba (when the Spiritual Entity itself leaves the human body and transcends to the Essence of God).

Those possessing the Spiritual Entity Tifl-e-Nuri behold God while they are fully conscious. They are called Naib-Allah (The Deputies of God) in the world. They may take anyone through worship and austerities or extol anyone by their glance at Maqaam-e-Mahmood (the station of praise and glory).

Their Spiritual grace pours out to the Muslim, The Infidel, The Living and the Dead without distinction. Just as the thief was extolled as Qutub (A saint) by a glance of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani or Abu Bakr Hawari or Manga the thief was extolled as Peer (A saint) by the glance of such Elite.

The five Rasul (The Messengers) were respectively given the knowledge of the five Spiritual Entities (and in sequence of their appearance), as such Spirituality continued to grow. Whichever Spiritual Entity you practice meditation with, you will be entitled to its relation with the Messenger and respective Spiritual grace. Whichever Spiritual Entity receives the Tajally (Theophanies), the Sainthood granted to that Spiritual Entity would be connected to the lineage of that Messenger. The access to the seven Realms and the ranks in the seven heavens are through these seven Spiritual Entities.


The function of the Spiritual Entities inside the Human Bodies

The Entity Akhfa (The Deeply Hidden): A person speaks due to the Spiritual Entity Akhfa; otherwise, a person is dumb even with the normal tongue. The difference between the human beings and the animals is due to this Entity. At the time of birth, if Akhfa was unable to enter the body for any reason, the respective Prophet had the duty (to treat the condition), and then the dumb would start to speak.

The Entity Sirri (The Secret): A person sees due to the Spiritual Entity Sirri. Failing to enter the body, the person is blind by birth. The respective Prophet had the duty to return the Spiritual Entity, and then the blind would start to see again.

The Entity Qalb (The Heart): Without this Spiritual Entity a person is like an animal, unacquainted and far from God, miserable and purposeless in life. Returning this Entity into the body was the task of the Prophets also. The miracles of these Prophets were also granted to the Saints in the form of Marvels, because of this the impious ones and the transgressor reached the Lord.

When the respective Spiritual Entity is returned through any Saint or Prophet the deaf, the dumb and the blind are healed.

The Entity Anna: When the Spiritual Entity fails to enter the body, a person is regarded insane, even though all the nerves of the brain function normally.

The Entity Khaffi (The Hidden): A person is deaf without the Spiritual Entity Khaffi entering the body, even if the air canals are wide open. The physical conditions can also cause these defects in the body and are curable. But there is no cure for inborn defects till a Prophet or a Saint patronizes.

The Entity Nafs (The Carnal Self or Ego): A person’s direction turns towards the material world due to Nafs, and towards God with Qalb.


The word ‘Allah’

Suryani, which is spoken in the Celestial Spheres, is the language in which the Angels and God communicate (each other). Adam Safi-Allah spoke this language in the Paradise. Adam and Eve descended in the world, and settled in Arabia. Their children also spoke the same language. Because of their progeny spreading in the world, this language sprouted into Arabic, Persian, Latin, and into English. Thus, God was called by different Names in different languages. As Adam lived in Arabia, there are many words of Suryani language in Arabic. God addressed the Prophets, Adam as Adam Safi-Allah, Noah as Nuh Nabi-Allah, Abraham as Ibraheem Khalil-Allah, Moses as Musa Kalim-Allah, Jesus as I'sa Ruh-Allah, and Mohammed Rasul-Allah. These Kalima (the Mottos) in Suryani language were inscribed on ‘guarded Tablet’ before the Messengers came (in this world). This is why Prophet Mohammed said, “I was a Prophet even before I came into this world.”

Some people think that the word Allah is a name given by the Muslims
But this is not so.

Prophet Mohammed’s father’s name was Abd-Allah, at the time before Islam. The Name Allah was called with Kalima (the Motto) of every Prophet before Islam also. When the souls were brought in existence, the first word on their tongue was Allah. When the Soul entered the body of Adam, it entered the body after having said, ‘Ya-Allah’. Many religions take this subtlety as truth, and chant the Name Allah, and others deprive themselves of the Name because of their doubts and suspicions. 

Any name, which alludes to the Lord, is worthy of respect.

It turns direction towards God. But, the effect of (the multiplicity of) the Names (of God) disunited them. According to the arrangement of alphabets and the articulation, there is a separate numeric value for each letter. This is also a celestial knowledge. The numeric values are related to all creation. Occasionally, the numeric values do not synchronize within; as such the Man is worried. Many people go to the astrologers and experts of this knowledge, and have horoscopes prepared based on the stars, and they name their children. An arrangement of the letters of Arabic alphabet, for example: (a, b, j, d,) (1, 2, 3, 4), has the numerical value ten. Similarly, every name has a separate numeric value. God has been given so many different Names, causing a conflict among their numeric values. If all the people called upon God by the same Name, they would all be united inwardly despite different religions. Then, they too as Nanak Sahib and Baba Farid would say:

“All the souls are made by the Light of God,
though their environment and their communities are separate.”

The Angels, that are assigned the tasks in the world, are also taught the languages of the people of the world. It is important for the followers of every Prophet that they chant the litany of Kalima (the Motto) of their Prophet that was granted by the Lord to the Prophet at the time for the recognition, grace, and purification of his community. The entry of any person into any religion is subject to the declaration of Kalima (the Motto). Just as the marriage vows are a precondition, the entry into the Paradise is subject to the declaration of Kalima (the Motto). But in the Western world, many Muslims and Christians are unaware of their Prophet’s Kalima or even their Prophet's original name (in the original language of the Prophet).

The people verbalizing Kalima require their good deeds, and the ones without declaration of Kalima are out of the Paradise. The ones, in whose hearts the affirmation of Kalima is rooted, will enter Paradise without any reckoning. The Celestial Scriptures, whichever language they were revealed in, and if they are in the original language, are a means to finding God. The adulterated texts and translations, just as adulterated flour is harmful to the stomach, have become harmful to the religion, and the followers of one religion and one Prophet are divided into so many factions.

To be sure of the Straight Way, it is better to seek guidance from the Light (of God).


The Method of producing Light

In the prehistoric times, rubbing stones together generated the fire, and rubbing two metals together also produces a spark. Now, the electricity is made from the motion of water. Similarly, electric energy is produced by the vibrating heartbeat and by the friction of the blood inside the human body. There are approximately one and a half volts of electricity in every human being, and this keeps the body agile. As the heartbeat slows down in old age, it reduces the electricity in the body and consequently the agility. Firstly, the heartbeats have to be made prominent. Some do it by dancing, others by sports and exercise, and yet others by meditating and chanting the Name of Allah.

When the heartbeat is prominent, try to synchronize Allah Allah with every beat or try to synchronize Allah with one heartbeat and Hu with the other. Some times place your hand on the heart and by feeling your heartbeat, try to synchronize the Name Allah. At times, synchronize it with the beating (or rhythm) of the pulse, and imagine that Allah is entering into the Heart. The chanting of Allah Hu is better and swiftly influential. If anyone has an objection on Hu or a fear of chanting Hu, then instead of the deprival, synchronize Allah Allah with vibrations. It is beneficial for the aspirant in litany, remembrance, and invocation to physically remain as clean as possible because: 

“Disrespectful are unfulfilled and the respectful are fulfilled.”

The first method of producing Light

Write Allah on a paper in black ink, and exercise this as long as you wish on a daily basis. One day, the Word ‘Allah’ will hover over your eyes from the paper. Then, attempt to transpose the Word Allah from the eyes to the Heart with concentration.

The second method of producing Light

Write Allah on a zero watt bulb in yellow colour. While you are awake or just before going to bed, concentrate, and try to absorb this Name onto your eyes. When it appears or hovers over your eyes after a few days, try to transpose it to the heart with concentration.

The third method of producing Light

This method is for the people who have Kamil Murshid (a Universal Guide), who does patronize with his relation and spiritual affiliation. Sitting in seclusion, imagine that your index finger is a pen. Using your finger and with your concentration, try writing Allah on your Heart. Call upon your Universal Guide that he too, holding your finger, is inscribing Allah onto your Heart. Practice this everyday, till you see Allah inscribed on your Heart.

In the first and second methods, the Name Allah becomes inscribed on the Heart, just as it is generally written or seen. When it begins to synchronize with the heartbeat, it gradually starts to glitter. As the assistance of the Universal Guide is provided in this method, it is seen well written and shining on the Heart from the beginning.

Many Prophets and Saints come into the world. Just for the sake of testing during Dhikr (meditation), if you feel it appropriate, concentrate or call upon all of them sequentially. While concentrating on any Prophet or Saint, if your heartbeat increases or if you feel improvement, it means that your destiny (share of spiritual grace and benevolence) lies with that Prophet or Saint. Select him for your concentration, because every Saint is connected to the lineage of a Prophet. Even if that Prophet is not exoterically living.

The spiritual grace and benevolence of every believer is with any one of the Saints. The physical life of the Saint is a precondition. Sometimes a very fortunate person is gifted with Celestial Spiritual grace by an esoteric Universal Master (who is not living), but this is very rare; however, the Saints not living in the human Sphere can provide worldly grace and assistance to people from their tombs. This is known as Owaisi spiritual grace. The recipients of such grace often get entangled in their visions and dreams because the Universal Guide providing the assistance is transcendent, and so too is the Satan. As such, the recognition of the two becomes difficult.

Along with the spiritual grace, the knowledge is important; as such a living Saint is more appropriate. If there is spiritual grace but not knowledge, he is called Majzoob (the one absorbed in Divine Meditation). When there is spiritual grace as well as knowledge, he is called Mehboob (the Beloved). Through his knowledge, the Beloved provides worldly assistance as well as the spiritual grace, whereas Majzoob helps in mundane affairs with his unusual practices of shouting obscenities and poking people with sticks.  

If someone appears but does not help you,
 then put Gohar Shahi to the test.

There is no condition of any religion as long as the person is not eternally ill fated. Many people have received the (spiritual grace of Qalb) meditation from the Moon also. The method is: when there is a full Moon from the East, look at it with concentration, and when you see the image of Gohar Shahi on it, say Allah, Allah, Allah three times, and you will be blessed with this spiritual grace. Thereafter, without any fear or reservation, begin the practice (of the meditation), as described. Believe (the fact) that the image on the Moon has spoken to many people in every language. You can also try looking, and speaking with it.


About Muraqaba
(Transcendental Mediation or Journey of Soul)

Many people try to engage in Muraqaba without awakening the spiritual entities (Lata'if/ Shaktian) and without attaining spiritual strength. They either fail to reach the meditative state or become the object of the satanic modalities. This type of meditation is for illuminated people, whose Self (Nafs) has been mortified, and Qalb purified. This type of meditation is foolish for common folk, no matter what type of physical worship is used (to achieve this). To collect and gather the strength of the spiritual entities by Light, and then to travel to a place, is what is known as Muraqaba.

 Sainthood is the one-fortieth part of Prophet hood

Every dream, meditative journey, inspiration or revelation of a Prophet is authentic, and does not need verification. Only forty-out-of-hundred dreams, meditative journeys, and inspirations of the Saints are accurate, the remaining is inaccurate requiring esoteric knowledge for verification.

It is impossible to recognize God without knowledge

The lowest type of Muraqaba starts after awakening the Spiritual Entity Qalb, which is impossible without the meditation of Qalb (meditation with the vibrating heartbeat synchronized with the Name Allah). It takes one shake (or twitch) to bring the person out of this meditative state into consciousness. Istikharah (seeking to obtain the Divine Favours, looking into the Holy Scripture or judging from the omens) also relates to Qalb.

The next stage is Muraqaba with the soul. It takes three shakes to return (a person back to normalcy from this meditative state). The Spiritual Entity Anna and the soul do the third stage of the ‘Muraqaba’ together. The soul travels along with the spiritual entity Anna to Jabrut (the World of Divine Compulsion) just like the Archangel Gabriel accompanied the Prophet Mohammed to Jabrut. Such people are even buried in their graves, and they are not aware of it. Such a meditative journey overtook Ashab-e Kuhaf (the Companions of the Cave), and they remained asleep in the Cave for a period of more than three hundred years. When this meditative state (or journey) overtook Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani in the jungle, the dwellers of the jungle took him to a grave for burial thinking him dead, but the meditative journey would break just before the burial (the Sheikh would return to consciousness).

The recognizance of ‘Ilham’ (inspiration) and ‘Wahy’ (revelation) from God 

When the Man is worthy of receiving theophanies (Tajalliat) having awakened and illuminated the Spiritual Entities in the breast, then God enters in mutual conversation with him. Whereas God has absolute power and can communicate with the Man in any way fit. Yet He has set a special method for His recognition so that His friends are saved from the deception of the Satan.

Firstly, the text in Suryani language appears on the seeker’s Heart together with its translation in the seeker’s language. The text is white and shiny, and the eyes close involuntarily, and watch the text (internally). The text then passes Qalb, and moves on to the Spiritual Entity Sirri, as a result of which it shines even more. Then the text moves towards the Spiritual Entity Akhfa, and there it shines more, and then moves onto the tongue. The tongue spontaneously begins to repeat the text.

If this inspiration is from the Satan, an illuminated Heart will dull the text, and if the text is powerful, then the Spiritual Entities Sirri or Akhfa efface this text. Further due to the weakness of the spiritual entities, if the text does arrive at the tongue, then the tongue prevents it from being spoken. 

This inspiration is for the Elect among Saints, whereas in respect of common saints, God sends message to them through the Angels or other souls. When the Archangel Gabriel accompanies the special inspired text, this is called Wahy (revelation) that is confined to the Prophets only.


Who is the Paradise for?

Some people, who are eternally destined to go to the Hell, try to be worthy of the Paradise by means of good deeds and worship, but in the end they are rejected, as was the Satan because stinginess, arrogance, and envy are their inheritance.

There is a Prophetic tradition,

“The one, who has even the tiniest amount of stinginess, envy, and arrogance, cannot go to the Paradise.”

The people, destined to the Paradise, even if they are not worshipers, are recognizable. They are soft hearted, sincere, and free from greed and envy. They are generous. If they do engage in worship, they attain a very exalted position. God creates some pretexts for their forgiveness. There are others in between, and do have a continuing record of their good and bad deeds.

There are the Elects. Such souls did love God in the primordial time. They are not concerned with the Paradise or the Hell, and do lay down everything for Ishq (pure love) of God. With the remembrance and the Mercy of God, they illuminate their souls, and achieve the beatific Vision of God. The highest Paradise (Firdaus) is specifically for such souls only.

 A Prophetic tradition declares for them:
“Some people will go to the Paradise without any reckoning.”

The Explanation

(God) showed the vision of the illusionary world to some souls (in the primordial time), and apprised them to be worldly in their destiny. They made a valiant effort to grab the mundane wealth after having come down into the world, they stole, robbed, bribed, and overlooked crimes such as usury, and even rejected the Uniqueness of God.

There were some souls among them, who opted for religion or worship to achieve the Paradise, but this turned out fruitless, as was the case of the Satan because some became arrogant or a religion (or sect), disliked by God, became an obstruction in their way.

The other souls, which had chosen the Paradise (in the primordial time), did their worldly chores, but they gave priority to the worship and austerities. They ran back and forth to the places of worship, were tempted by the damsels, and the palaces of the Paradise, and were successful in getting to the Paradise. But then in this category there were others who remained lazy in worship. Because they were destined to the Paradise, some pretexts favoured them; however, they did not achieve the ranks equal to of the pious Ones in the Paradise. In this respect, God said, “do these people understand that we will place them along with the pious Ones?” (As there are seven levels of the Paradise).

The guidance for the common folk is through the Prophets, the Books, the Gurus, and the Saints. It is essential for them to have a religion and a declaration of Faith. The Elects come under the graceful Sight of God without a Religion or a Book. In other words, the Light guides them. It is stated in the Scripture:

“Those that God chooses, guides with the Light.”

It is said that Kalima (the Motto) is essential to enter the Paradise. It is not these bodies, but the souls will enter the Paradise, and Kalima will have to be declared at the time of entry. Then these Souls can also declare their Faith, when they reach the Realm of the Vision or they may do it after death, just as the Souls of Prophet Mohammed’s parents and uncle did the declaration of the Faith. Then, there are the Elect of the Elect, who declared and affirmed Kalima in the Celestial Spheres before coming into the world.

Prophet Mohammed stated that he was a Prophet even before he came into the world. These were the words of the Soul (of the Prophet Mohammed) to the souls, as the body was given to the Prophet Mohammed only after coming into the world. (An explanation of this is that) There are leaders only if there are the nations to be led, and there are Prophets only if there are followers, otherwise there is no need as such.

Then such people (the Saints) are sent into different religions, some in the appearance of Baba Farid and others in the appearance of Guru Nanak. The Souls that find God do not look at the religions, rather they seek those who have access to God and follow them. Ghause Ali Shah, a Saint, wrote in ‘Tazkira Ghausia’ that he even received the spiritual grace from Hindu ascetics. The Muslim Mullah (theologians) failed to understand this subtlety, thus rendering a death penalty for Ghause Ali Shah. They gave verdict that if any Muslim household had his book, it should be burnt; however, this book survived the time and is found in India and Pakistan, and is still popular and revered.

Some nations accepted their Prophets, and others rejected them. To the nations rejecting them, God nevertheless sent down the Prophets according to their religion. They taught their nations the ways to save them from sins. The Prophets tried to turn the direction of the followers towards the Lord through worship, rituals, and customs. They taught the lesson of peace and Love of the Lord. If they were not (sent) then, today every religion would be thirsty for each other’s blood. Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj), who knows the secret of every religion, guides such souls in the world.


Who is Taqwa (piety) for?

Ilm-ul-Yaqin (The Lore of Certainty):

Such people are worldly, and base their belief on hearsay. They have certainty by way of knowledge. Their Faith rests on what they hear from others, and can go astray. Whatever they get, is not by piety but by earning through their toil and labour, which is either Halal (the Lawful) or Haram (the Unlawful).

Ain ul-Yaqin (The Eye of Certainty):

Though such people are called ascetics, they still keep interaction with the world. But, their focus in life and the Heart are inclined towards the Lord. They are often shown Celestial Visions. Their station is that of the Sight and the Vision. They earn by lawful means, and any thing unlawful hurts them.

Haqq ul-Yaqin (The Truth of Certainty):

Their station is to have arrived at the Truth. In other words; God has extolled them to a rank; they come within the Grace and Mercy of God, and are carefree in the world. Even living in the world, they refrain from both lawful and unlawful enterprises. If they were to go and sit in a jungle, God would provide for them there also. This is the Station of God-Fearing. Although the novices talk about God-Fearing, but they are not successful.

Taqdir (the Destiny)

There are two types of destiny:

1) Azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen)

2) Moallaq (Conditional or in Abeyance)

Some people say that when the sustenance is already written down in our destiny, then why the wandering around and the effort for it?

Makhdoum Jahaniyan stated that the wandering around and the effort to acquire the sustenance have also been written down in our destiny.

For example: A flower vase has been placed for you on the roof (this is Azal). In order to get the flower vase, you have to climb up the stairs on to the roof (this is Moallaq-Conditional), which is your choice. It is for this conditional part that there will be reckoning on the Day of Judgement, and not in relation to what was destined in Azal. When you would climb on to the roof, you would collect what was written down for you in your destiny. If you were lazy, and did not get up to the roof, then you would be deprived of it. On the other hand, if someone else, in whose destiny there is no flower vase, manages to get on to the roof by the stairs or by some considerable effort, then he would still be deprived of it.

The third category of the Soul

The third category of the souls, which chose neither the world nor the Paradise, only beheld the beatific Vision of the Lord (in the primordial time). They laid down everything in search of the Lord after having come into the world. Many gave up their kingdoms, and remained hungry and thirsty in the jungles in search of Him. Others spent many years sitting in the rivers. After being successful, they were called Auliya Allah (the Friends of God). God assigned them to different positions and duties, and they became a remedy and a means of hope for those destined to the Hell.

Just as the famous poet Iqbal mentions in one of his poems:
"That even the destiny is altered by the graceful glance of the Godly"

It is absolutely necessary that the Terrestrial Souls (which is re-incarnated) in every lifetime physically meet a spiritual guide (guru), as the spiritual guide of the previous lifetime or the ancestral teacher became free of his physical body. 

This is similar to when a Prophecy is removed (or exempted) after the arrival of a major Messenger. For example: Prophet Moses (Mus'a Kalim-Allah) was a Messenger, and all the Prophets that came after Moses, their religions were abrogated on arrival of Prophet Jesus (Is'a Ruh-Allah).

Further, the religions of the Prophets that came in between Prophet Jesus and Prophet Mohammed were also abrogated on arrival of Prophet Mohammed. Yet, the validity of the religious system of every Rasul (Major Messenger) continued, and still continues today. This includes Adam Safi-Allah, (Adam), Ibrahim Khalil-Allah (Abraham), Mus'a Kalim-Allah (Moses), Is'a Ruh-Allah (Jesus) and Mohammed Rasul-Allah. Every Saint is from their (respective) lineage, because the five Spiritual Entities inside the human body are linked respectively to the five Rasul (the Messengers), and their Prophecy and spiritual grace will remain till the Day of Judgement for this reason.

When it is said that a person will not enter the Paradise unless that person has declared Kalima (the Motto), it does not mean any one particular prophet, but it alludes to the Declaration of the Religion and Kalima (the Motto) of one Rasul (Major Messenger). That is why, the Prophet Mohammed stated, “I have not come to reject the Books of the Messengers or their Religion, but I have come to reform,” because the Books had been altered. 

Silsilah (chain or spiritual affiliation)) of Adam Safi-Allah continues even now. The ones, who practice only heart meditation, who weep and humble themselves before the Lord, repent, and try to remain free of sins, are all conforming to the first religion, the first Prophecy, and the first type of worship.

Ghouse (the centre or focus of the hierarchy of the Saints in human sphere at the time) or every saint's spiritual category is linked to one or the other Messenger, who in turn is spiritually linked to Adam Safi-Allah.

The reviver Mujjadid Alf-Sani stated that his spiritual category and designation (lineage) was linked to Moses, whereas a chain of Qalander (a type of libertine Dervish) is linked to Jesus. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani was related to a lineage of the Prophet Mohammed.


Think for a moment which Adam you belong to?

It is mentioned in some inspired Books that fourteen thousand Adams have come into the world. One party held that Adam Safi-Allah was the fourteenth and the last Adam. Indeed there came many Adams in this world. When Safi-Allah was being made of clay, the Angels had told (God) that he too would go into the world, and cause riot and mischief. That means the Angels were aware of the circumstances of earlier Adams, otherwise how would they have known what God was making, and what he (Adam) would do there?

On the ‘guarded Tablet’, there are inscribed different languages, different Kalima (the Mottos), different juggling, different Names of God, various verses, and even the magic enchantment, which was taught to people by the two Angels Harut and Marut. Both the Angels are hanging upside down as punishment in a well in the city of Babul in Egypt.

Every Adam was taught a language. Thereafter, the Prophets were sent to their community for guidance. It has therefore been said that one hundred and twenty five thousand Prophets have come to the world, whereas Adam Safi-Allah was the last on the Earth six thousand years ago. If a Prophet were sent every year, then there would be only six thousand Prophets. 

Some time later, these nations were destroyed due to their disobedience. Archaeological evidence found the ancient cities later along with the ancient languages, which are not understood by anyone. Some nations were drowned in flooding; others among them survived as Noah’s people did.   

Lastly, Safi-Allah was sent to Arabia having been made better than others, and many resolute Messengers emerged in his progeny. Many languages of other Adams remained among the surviving nations. When the last Adam came, he was taught Suryani (Syriac) language. When his descendants journeyed to distant Lands, they met with ancient nations. Some immigrants liked the new regions and the fertile land, thus settling down with the ancient people.

Suryani language was spoken in Arabia, and then the intercourse with other nations evolved into Arabic, Persian, Latin, Sanskrit and the English language. The descendants of different Adams lived in different islands. Of them, there was one Adam, who was a gypsy, and his descendants survived to this day resulting in discovery of many nations.

The nations of remote islands were unaware of each other, and long voyage was not possible by horses or by small boats. Columbus was successful in making an Ocean Liner, and was the first man to reach America. He reached the land and saw people with red skin, and thought that he arrived in India. They were Red Indians (native Americans), and are still found in North Dakota. I asked an Indian Tribal Chief, if he knew who his Adam was. He replied that his Adam was in Asia, and his wife's name was Havva (Eve) according to their religion. He further stated that according to their historical records, their Adam (of the great Sioux Nation) appeared from a mountain in South Dakota (Black Hill). The mountain place is marked even now. 

It is said that the English and the Americans are light-skinned due to the cold climate. This is not so. There are also descendants of a dark-skinned Adam in those regions since ancient times, but they did not develop light skin. Therefore, this is the reason that the colour, the appearance, the temperament, the intellect, the languages and the diet of human beings differ.

The descendents of Adam Safi-Allah remained in the Middle East only; this is why the people in Middle East are alike in appearance. It is said that Adam Safi-Allah (Shankar Ji) descended in Sri Lanka. He migrated to Arabia from there, settled down there, and his grave is still there. Then who discovered his descent in Sri Lanka, who discovered his footprints there? (It is still preserved to this day). This means that prior to his descent, there was some community living there.

The Prophet hood and Sainthood ceased for the nations that were destroyed. The survivors (in those nations) deprived themselves of the exalted ones, and went astray some time later. As these lands were gradually discovered, the Saints from Asia reached there, and taught the locals their respective religions. Today, the Asian religions have spread in all regions. Jesus was from Jerusalem, Moses was from Baith-ul Muqadis (the seat of earlier Revelations), and Prophet Mohammed was from Mecca, whereas Noah and Abraham were also from Arabia.

Some nations were destroyed by torments, and others were transfigured into bears and apes. Some survivors inclined towards the Lord out of fear; but others got disgusted regarding the Lord as al-Qahhar (the Dominator). They disobeyed any Command of God, and started to say, “there is no such thing as the Lord, and the human being is an insect, and the Paradise and the Hell are just the figments of the imagination.” At the time of Moses, the nation, transfigured into apes, headed towards Europe. The pregnant women at the time, turned apes, gave birth to human babies. That nation still exists today. They say themselves that they are descendants of the apes.

The nation, transfigured into bears, headed towards the jungles of Africa. The pregnant women at the time were carrying human babies, and their race survived. They are known as Mamm. They have long hair on their bodies; their majority is female; they abduct people. The religion cannot influence them, but they conceal their private parts with leaves due to their human nature.

Another Adam was punished for a thousand years for some mistake. He was transfigured into a snake. His survivors still live in the form of a special snake. A thousand years after birth, it transforms into a human being, and is called Ruha. It is mentioned in the History that Alexander the Great passed through a jungle for hunting, and noticed a beautiful woman crying. When asked, she replied that she was the princess of China, and she went out hunting with her husband, when a lion attacked, and ate her husband, and that she was then alone.

Alexander asked her to return with him, as he would make the arrangements for her return to China. The woman replied that her husband died, and how she would save face on her return to China. Alexander took her home and married her.

A few months later, Alexander was struck by an illness in his stomach. He tried every cure for it but to no avail. His illness worsened, and the physicians were powerless (to treat his illness). A snake charmer also came to treat him. He called Alexander to one side, and said to him, “I can treat you, but I have a few conditions. If you are not healed in few a days, you can have me executed. Tonight, have a dish of pulse and rice made with plentiful salt in it, and you and your wife should eat plenty of it. Lock your room from inside so that neither of you could leave the room. You should not sleep but pretend to be asleep so that your wife thinks that you are in fact sleeping, and that there should not be a drop of water in the room.” Alexander did likewise.

During the night, his wife became thirsty, and found out that there was no water in the pot. She then tried to open the door, and found it locked. She looked at her husband, and felt that he was fast asleep. She then transformed into a snake, went out through a hole, drank some water, returned in the form of a snake, and then transformed back into a woman.

Alexander was watching all this event unfolding. In the morning, he relayed all the details to the snake charmer, who told Alexander that his wife was a female serpent, which transfigured after a thousand years, and that her poison was the cause of the pain in his stomach. Then, this woman was then taken to the sea on the premise of excursion, and the sign, where she was thrown, still exists today, and is called the ‘Barrier of Alexander’. Their race still exists in the world. Ordinary snakes do not have ears but this type of snake has ears. It is not known which Adam’s community is confined in the mountains of China, and Dhul-Qarnain (the King with Two Horns) built stonewall to prevent them from entering his region. They have very long ears. They spread one beneath them, and cover themselves with the other. They are known as Gog Magog. The science discovered many regions, but many more are yet to be discovered.

Behind the Himalayas are ‘snowy humans’. There are many humans in the jungles too, and no one knows their language except they do. They worship per tenet of their Adam. In their custom, they have a tribal system (for survival). Besides these Continents, there are many bigger planets such as the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, etc. Adams came there also. Their Day of Judgement already occurred by stopping the supply of oxygen somewhere, and by totally ruining the Land elsewhere.


Still there is human life on Mars
and there is a fiery life form on the Sun

In the world of Mars, the inhabitants are from every religion. Our scientists could not reach the Mars yet, whereas the Martians have visited the Earth many times, and have taken our people back with them for experimentation. Their Science and inventions are superior to ours. Even if our satellites or scientists reach there, they cannot escape their seizure. 

God endowed one Adam with abundant knowledge. His progeny gained access to Bait-ul-Ma’mur (the Celestial Archetype of Ka’aba) with knowledge. They were able to hear underneath whatever command God gave to the Angels. One day the Angels complained (God) that this nation had become an impediment in their affairs, and that when the Angels came down into the world to implement their task, they would already have an antidote to the task of the Angels.

God then commanded the Archangel Gabriel to go and test them. A twelve-year-old boy was grazing sheep, when Gabriel (approached him and) asked, “Do you possess any knowledge?” The boy replied, “Ask me?” Gabriel then asked the boy to tell him where Gabriel was at the time. The boy closed his eyes, and then said that he (Gabriel) was not in the Heavens. Gabriel then asked, “Where is he?” The boy replied that he (Gabriel) was not on any land either. Gabriel asked, “Then where is he?” The boy opened his eyes and said, “I have searched for him in the fourteen realms, and he is nowhere to be found, either I am Gabriel, or you are.”

Then God commanded the Angels to drown this nation by flooding. They heard this mandate, and began to build homes of metal and glass. Then an earthquake ruined them. At that time, the region was called Kaalda. It is now Greece.

Those people with their spiritual knowledge then and our scientists with their scientific knowledge now are interfering with God’s affairs. In order to instil fear into human beings now, a small disaster has been instigated, and for the complete destruction, an asteroid, already sent towards the Earth, is expected to hit the Earth in about twenty to twenty five years. When it does, that will be the last day of the Earth. A part of that asteroid has fallen on Jupiter within the last two years. Our scientists are aware of this fact.

They are wishing to move to the Moon or some other planet before the impending disaster strikes. As such, there have even been plot bookings on the Moon, when they know that life cannot be sustained on the Moon, as there is no oxygen, water or vegetation. What is the purpose of all the frenzy? As far as research is concerned, what benefit did humanity gain by reaching the Moon or Jupiter? Has any medication or prescription been discovered for longevity, or has a cure been found to prevent death?

Even if we reach the creatures of the Mars, the difference in the environments (Oxygen) would make our life on the Mars impossible. All the wealth is being squandered (in this matter). If the United States and Russia spend it on the poor, then everybody would be prosperous. The differences among human beings have led to the creation of atomic bombs and weapons of mass destruction simply to annihilate each other, when the world will come to an end without the bombs anyway.


Too many Souls were created in the Celestial Sphere

The intimate souls were in the front rows (in the primordial time). The common souls were sent down among the nations of the Adams made (in the world) of black, white, yellow or red clay. Gabriel, Harut and Marut (the Angels) taught them the knowledge (and virtue).

When Adams were made from clay on the Earth, infernal Jinns would enter the bodies of those Adams and their offspring at right opportunity, and try to seize them in their satanic hold. Then the Prophets and Saints of that nation and their teachings would become a means of the deliverance. Countless Adams were made in pairs (with their female partners), and procreation commenced. Many times a woman was created alone (without an Adam), and she would bear children with the Command “Be”.

These nations exist in the world today. Only the women are their tribal leaders. As they are the offspring of women, they think that God is female, and that they are the progeny of the Angels as their (female) Adam procreated without a man (or marriage). This custom continues among them even today. The women of these tribes bear children by anyone, and later marry any other person, and do not regard this blameable.

The profession by the souls, (ultimate) destiny, and class (in the primordial time) appraised the type of Adam (that would be sent for them). Such souls then descended (after these Adams had been sent). This is the reason; no special religion was ascribed for them. Even when the Prophets came among them, a few accepted them, and others did contrary to the Prophet’s teachings. Instead of God, they worshiped the Moon, Stars, the Sun, the Trees, Fire, and even started to worship snakes.

Finally, Adam Safi-Allah was made in the Paradise of the clay from the Paradise so that he surpassed all (previous Adams) in magnificence and excellence, and was protected from infernal spirits, as they did not have access to the Paradise. The Satan recognised because of his knowledge. He became the leader of the Angels with abundant worship, and was from the Jinns. He spat on the body of Adam out of envy. The saliva, a satanic bacterium, entered Adam’s body. It is called ‘Nafs’ (the carnal

Self). The progeny of Adam inherited it. As such, Prophet Mohammed said, “When a human being is born, an evil djinn is also born at the same time.”

There is a difference between the Angels and the Archangels. The Angels are in Malakut. They came in existence along with the souls. The Spiritual Entities, which are in the next higher realm Jabrut (the Realm of Divine Compulsion, or the World beyond form), are called the Archangels

The Archangels existed even before the command “Be”. God commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam Safi-Allah. Before him, no Adam was made in the Paradise or did the Angels prostrate before. Azazeel (the Satan) objected, and refused to prostrate, he was then execrated, thus becoming the enemy of the progeny of Adam Safi-Allah. The nations of previous Adams were safe from his enmity, as infernal spirits were enough to deceive them. 

As the Satan was the most powerful of all the evil Jinns, he trapped the progeny of Adam Safi-Allah in such ways, and taught them such crimes, as a result of which the other nations started to get disgusted with these Asians. Due to the magnificence of this Adam, the Lord guided some of them. They turned out to be so Godly and magnificent that the other nations were amazed. The greatest of the Celestial Books the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms of David, and the Qur'an were revealed to them only. Due to the teachings, spiritual outpouring and blessings (of the Books), the Asian religions spread far and wide in the nations of the world. 

The Soul of Adam had not yet been placed in his body; the Angels understood that he was being made for the world because the human made from clay would only be for the Earth. Then by some pretence, he was sent down to the Earth. Though the Eternal Act is by God, yet the humans get blame. If Adam was sent to the world without any allegation, he would have come into the world, and done nothing but complain. Why would he have repented and bewailed? 

1. A soul, eternally destined to the Hell, if born in a home without religion, is called a non-believer and a liar. These people are atheist, and the enemies of the Prophets and the Saints. They are arrogant, hard-hearted, and take pleasure in tormenting the Creation of God. The next category (within this group) is of the ones, who remain away from the religion after having come in it. Such a soul, if it is born into a religious home, is known as a hypocrite.

2. These people abuse and slander the Prophets and Saints, and are mischievous within the religions. Their worship is useless as that of the Satan. The religion takes them towards the Paradise, but their destiny pulls them away towards the Hell. As they are deprived of the spiritual assistance of the Prophets and the Saints, they are susceptible to the deception of the Satan and the Self (in believing) that they possess so much knowledge and so much virtue that there is no difference between them and the Prophets. Then without seeing their inner reality, they consider themselves like the Prophets, and think that the saints depend upon them. They do not concede to the spirituality and miracles, and only accept the traits that they possess themselves. They even reject the miracles (of the Prophets) dismissing them as magic. They believe in the power of the Satan, but it is hard for them to concede to the power of the Prophets and the Saints. 

3. The Soul, eternally destined to the Paradise, if sent in a non-religious home or in a filthy environment, is called the ‘disabled’. There is a chance of absolution and forgiveness for the ‘disabled’. Such souls seek assistance of the Saints in finding the Straight Way, and getting out of the marsh. They are softhearted, humble, and generous.

4. The soul, eternally destined to the Paradise, if born in the home of the Celestial Religions or in a religious home, is called a Rightful and a Believer. They find the Nearness of God by their worship and austerities, and are claimant to His inheritance.

Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) is my pride and I am proud of it. (Prophetic tradition)


In Tasawuf (Mysticism), Spiritual Entity Qalb is important

Some aspirants vocalized (a litany of the sacred words onto heart), others played sports, some others danced; yet others built and knocked down walls, and others exercised. All tried to increase their heartbeat, and then synchronizing it with Allah Allah became easier. Gradually Allah Allah itself reached all the Spiritual Entities (inside the body). Others imitated such people without going into the depths (of this knowledge). They also started to dance to the chanting Allah, Allah. They neither understood Allah Allah with the heartbeat nor synchronized it. Nevertheless, their Animal Spirit, whose nature is hopping and jumping, became acquainted with the Name Allah. Similarly the botanical spirit (in a person) also becomes acquainted and stronger by synchronizing Allah Allah with music. Music is the diet of botanical spirit.

An experiment was conducted in the United States by exposing the crops to the music. The same type of crop was planted on two similar parcels of lands. One parcel was exposed to the music day and night, and the other was not. The crop exposed to the music was better in quality and appearance than the one without the music.

Nafs, the spirit of the Self, is very noxious. Even after having been purified, it is a pretender, and likes music and rhythm. Some people tried to attract the Self by singing and changing its direction towards God. Others chanted and synchronized the name Allah with their guitar music. If nothing else, at least their ears were engaged in worship. I met a guitar player who relayed to me a story, “In my spare time, I joyfully play guitar, and chant Allah Allah with the music. Sometimes when I wake up, I hear a melody of Allah Allah inside me.” Such people end up better than others by simply being occupied in singing and playing but they did not achieve any Saintly status. Nevertheless, they do possess an inclination and yearning, and if they (become attached) to a Universal Master, they do reach some spiritual rank.

The Muslims and the Sufis in other religions attempted in many different ways to absorb the Name of God within themselves. Any action, that inclines one towards God, and increases the (passionate) Love of God, is not improper.

A Prophetic statement,
“God does not look at the actions, but looks at the intentions.”

The people, who follow the theologians, regard this as blameable and wrong, as they become satisfied and nourished by following Shariah (the Law). But those people, who want to advance farther than following the Law to the (passionate) Love of God, or those who do not follow the Law, why are such people prevented from adopting an alternative?


The Religion of God

Divine Love, Divine Union

All religions were established in this world through the Prophets, whereas before this, (God) was the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. The souls, which were in the nearness, the effulgence and the love (in the primordial time), were in the (pure) Love of God, and in the Religion of God, and in the Upright Religion. After coming into the world, they laid down every thing in search of Him.

 (This Knowledge) was confined to the Elect,
now it has reached common people through spirituality.

In a Prophetic tradition, one of the companions of the Prophet Mohammed stated,

“I received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed, I disclosed to you about one, and if I do about the other, you would kill me.”

When the Saint Shah Shams took the dry Books out of the well full of water,

Maulana Rumi asked, “What is this?”

Shah Shams replied, “This is the knowledge that you know not.”

When Moses asked God, “Is there any more Knowledge?”

God replied, “Go to Khidr.” (A mystical figure, possessing the secrets of the esoteric knowledge)

The prayer of every worshiper, “Guide us the Straight Way, the Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace.”

The poet Iqbal states:
“What would the pitiful scholars know of this?”

The exalted souls since the primordial time, whom God loves, and they love God, did praise the Lord having come into the world. For example: Jesus said in the cradle, “I am a Prophet”, and Gabriel had already given the glad tidings to Mary (prior to the birth of Jesus). Pharaoh had the foreknowledge regarding Moses that a child would be born to certain tribe and would be the cause of his destruction, and would be very exalted in the Sight of God. Prophet Mohammed also said, “I was a Prophet even before I came into the world.”  

There are many loving and eternal (Godly) souls
Present in different religions and bodies.  


In the End Times

God will send a ‘special soul’ in the world, who will gather them searching for these (loving) souls, and remind them, “You did love God once.” No matter any religious or non-religious bodies they are in, they will testify his call, and gather around him.

He will grant these souls a very special ‘Name’ of the Lord, which will pass through Spiritual Entity Qalb to the Soul. Then the Soul will be the meditator of that ‘Name’. That ‘Name’ will generate a new fervour, a new energy, and a new love. With its light, the relation of the Soul will connect with God again.

The meditation of Qalb is a means for the meditation of the Soul, just as austerities meaning Salat (Prayer) and Fasting are a means to the meditation of Qalb. Once a person’s soul has started to chant the Name (Allah), and then he is from among the people, who no longer fear the Just Balance or the Day of Judgement. The higher meditation and worship than that of the soul are testimonies to his Lofty Stations (in the world to come).

The ones, who are moving from the meditation of Qalb to the Soul, have already arrived at the Religion of God, or will soon arrive at. They have guidance from the Light, not from the Books. The Light prevents them from sins. Having heard of this or in spite of putting in the efforts, if others are still deprived of this (grace), they are not included in this Silsilah (spiritual affiliation). If some one thinks of himself in this Silsilah (chain or affiliation) or imitates it without the meditations of the heart and the soul, he is a heretic.

The way for forgiveness of common people is by austerities and religion.

The way for the guidance is by the Celestial Books.

The way for (receiving) intercession is by the Prophet-hood and the Sainthood.

Some Muslims do not concede the intercession (Shifa'ah) of the Saints, when (it is known that) Prophet Mohammed directed his companions to ask Owais Qarni to pray for the forgiveness of Ummah (the followers of the Prophet).


The Religion of the Souls

The recognition of those in the Love of God and the Religion of God

Into which all the rivers merge, is called the sea.
Into which all the religions merge and become one, are the Love of God and the Religion of God.

"Where the four religions meet" (the Saint Sultan Sahib)

The preliminary recognition

When the meditations of the Heart and the Soul commence either by worship or by a glance of a Universal Master, the person is eternally Godly (destined to be thus since the primordial time). An aversion towards the sins begins, and if committed, such a person deeply regrets it, and thinks of way to prevent the recurrence.

God said,

“I like those people also, who reflect on the ways to stay free of sins.”

The love of the phenomenal world diminishes for such people, and dominance of the Love of God begins. Greed, envy, stinginess, and arrogance are felt vanishing. The tongue becomes free of slander. They feel humble. Generosity replaces stinginess, and lying disappears. Unlawful desires change into lawful ones, and a dislike develops for the forbidden goods, forbidden food, and forbidden acts.  

The ultimate recognition

There should be a complete abstinence from cocaine, opium, heroine, tobacco, and alcohol. Be able to meet the exalted spiritual dignitaries in the dream, in the meditative journey or in the vision. Achieve the change from Nafs-e Ammarah (the demanding Self) to Nafs-e Mutmainna (the tranquil Self). Have the Spiritual Entity Anna encounter face to face before the Lord, and find the veils between God and the Servant lifted up. Further, become free of sin, have the passionate Love of God, be in the Realization of God, and from the servant to ‘the Cherisher of the Servant’, and from a poor man to ‘the Provider of the Poor’.

Many Godly souls from different religions, who testified the Lord in the primordial covenant, will be entering this Silsilah, so there will be no condition of any religion. Every person will be able to worship as prescribed by his religion, but the meditation of Qalb will be one for all. Despite different religions, they will be united at heart. When the remembrance of God will root in their Hearts, they all will become Godly. Thereafter, it is up to God to keep them to Himself or send them into a religion for the guidance. In other words, some will be beneficial (to the community), others will be solitary and isolated, yet others will be the spiritual warriors and commanders. 

Even the sinful ones helping and assisting them will achieve certain status. A majority of the people, who will not join this group (the Religion of God), will enter in alliance with the Satan (Anti-Christ) whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims. Finally, the two groups will engage in a mighty war. The ones with Jesus, Mehdi and the Kalki Avtar will defeat the other group (Anti-Christ). Many with the Anti-Christ will be killed, and their survivors will remain silent out of the fear and the helplessness.

Mehdi and Jesus will prevail upon the Hearts of the people, and peace will reign over the whole world. All separate religions will cease to exist transforming into one religion. That will be the religion most liked by God, and will be the essence of the religions of all Prophets, and their Books, and will be acceptable to the entire humanity. The most venerable to all worship and even to the Love of God, will be Ishq of God (The passionate Love of God).

“Where Ishq (passionate love) takes over, Faith is not aware.” (Saint Sultan Bahu)

  The famous poet Iqbal painted a picture of this time (in his poem):

“The world needs Mehdi whose philosophy will shake the foundations of the accepted thoughts”

“Being revealed are the secrets, bygone has the time when God refused His Vision”

“Whose essence has appeared before the people, he is Mehdi, the one of the end-time”

“Opened my eye in the mirror of comprehension, look at the hazy picture of the future”

“Look at the Universe, the land and space, look for a moment, at the one who appears from the East”

“Gone has that time O' giver of the drink (of love), when did hide the drinkers”

“The whole world will now become a tavern and every soul will be the drinker (of the Divine Love)”

“The time has come of the unveiling, all will see His Splendour and Majesty”

“Silence was His Veil, whose secret will now be manifest”

“Out of the desert came he, who overturned the kingdom of Rome”

“Heard have I from the Angels, that the lion will awaken again”

All the Celestial Books and Sahife (the original Revelation to Moses, Abraham) are not the religion of God. In these books are the rituals on Salat (canonical prayer), Fasting, and the beards, whereas God is not bound by them. These religions were made to illuminate and to purify the followers of the Prophets. God Himself is Pure Light. When a person becomes Light (illuminated) after realization of the Essence of God, then he enters the Religion of God, which is Love and Affection, a meaning of the ninety-nine Names of God, and the One Who remembers His friends.

(God) Himself is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. If a servant of God receives a tiny fraction of it, he reaches the Religion of God. Then his worship is gazing at the beatific Vision of God, and the chanting (praising) the Name of God is his longing. Further, gazing at the beatific Vision of God is atonement for all obligatory religious practices of his life. Then the collective worship of all the Jinns, the Angels and human beings cannot reach His status.  

In relation to such a person, Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani has stated:

“Whoever reached the Vision of God, and still practiced worship or intended to, it is an ingratitude to God.”

The Saint Bhulle Shah stated:
“After I started the worship of Love, I forgot the Temples and the Mosques.”

The poet Iqbal has stated:
“What would the pitiful priests know about this?”

The companion of the Prophet Mohammed, Abu Hureira stated, “I received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed. I disclosed to you about one, and if I do about the other, you will kill me.”

The History has witnessed that whomever unveiled the secrets of this knowledge was executed such as: Shah Mansur, Sarmad; today Gohar Shahi stands on the edge of being executed.

A submission to the canonical Law (Shariah) is for the followers of the Prophets, but the Prophets are not obligated to any worship. Before the Law, they were the Prophets even in the primordial time. As they have to complete the pattern of religion, and if they leave off any maxim or do act on certain tenet, then the followers follow suit. For this reason, the Prophets have to remain discreet and sober. Can any person say that if any Prophet is not practicing any type of worship, he will go to the Hell? (Never! this cannot be said).

Can any person say that one cannot be a Prophet without practicing worship himself? Or can anyone say that Prophet-hood cannot be received without formal education? Then why the objections and complaints about Saints, when Sainthood is a substitute of sort for Prophecy as such?

You must remember that the ones, who claim the Realization of God without beholding God, and the ones, who consider themselves at this Spiritual Station, and imitate (others at this level), are heretics and liars. The Scriptures execrated such liars. As such, they destroy the time and the faith of thousands of (innocent) people. 


This book is for reflection and worthy of study (research) by
Every religion, every sect, and every person, and
It presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality


Some Utterances of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

“There are three parts of Ilm Zahir (the exoteric knowledge), and one part of Ilm Batin (the esoteric knowledge).”

“One has to search for a Moses to acquire Ilm Zahir, and a Khidr for Ilm Batin.”

“The voice that comes without Gabriel (as intermediary) is called Ilham (Inspiration), and the knowledge received is called Sahifa (a Book) and Hadith Qudsi (the Holy tradition). The knowledge, which Gabriel accompanies, is called the Qur’an, whether it is exoteric or the esoteric knowledge or the Torah, the Psalms of David or the Bible.”

“When religious scholars make mistakes, they absolve calling it politics. If Saints make a mistake, it is understood as wisdom and ignored, whereas the Prophets cannot be charged with a mistake.”

“Whomever engage in certain spiritual discipline, the corresponding spiritual entities inside them are strong (illuminated), and those who are not in this discipline, their spiritual entities are dormant and senseless. The ones, who absorbed the Name (Allah) in all spiritual entities by any method, are at all times engaged in Dhikr Sultani (a high level meditation of all seven spiritual entities inside body) and Ishq (passionate Love) of God.”

Allama Iqbal said:
If passionate Love is, disbelief is belief

Sachal Sain said:
Without Love of the Beloved O' Sachel, what is disbelief and what is belief?

Saint Sultan Bahu said:
Wherever the passionate love takes over, the Faith is not aware

When such people are in any religion or enter into, it brings the showers of the Mercy of God on that region. If they are Baba Farid (a Muslim Saint), even the Hindus and the Sikhs flock on their doorstep. If they are Guru Nanak (a Sikh Saint), the Muslims and the Christians gather around them.


Imam Mehdi will reform all Religions

After Prophet Mohammed (the Seal of the Prophets), the revivers came along in Islam, and revived it according to the environment. Similarly, on arrival of Imam Mehdi, their revival will end. Imam Mehdi will instigate his own reforms according to (the needs of) all the religions. It is mentioned in some books that he will establish a new religion.


The Utterances of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

If anyone worshiped his entire life but in the end, he opposed Imam Mehdi and Jesus (who will come back into the world with his physical body and Mehdi with the ‘Terrestrial Spirits’), he is hell-bound as Balyim Ba’ur, and rejected as was Iblis (the Satan). ( Balyim Ba’ur was the prototype of spiritual men, led astray by his passion and lust, denied the Signs of God including Moses, and will go to the Hell like a dog). If someone lived like a dog in this world, but in the end helped Mehdi and Jesus, and loved them, then he will go to the Paradise. (Just like the dog Qutmir, who was elevated by association with the ‘Companions of the Cave’, and will go to the Paradise).

Some sects and religions say that I'sa (Jesus) died, and that his tomb is in Afghanistan. This is an incorrect propaganda. In Afghanistan, there is a tomb of an Elder by name I'sa. What would be the purpose of the burial there when transportation was primitive then, and it would have taken months to travel (to Afghanistan)? Some people ask how was Jesus raised to the Heavens? We ask how did Adam descend from the Heavens? Further, the Prophet Idris (Enoch) is still physically living in the Paradise, and Khidr and Prophet Elias still live in the world, and did not die yet. 

The grandson of Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani, Hayat al-Ameer, is alive for six hundred years. His grandfather Sheikh directed him not to die till he met Mehdi, and pass on his salutations. He (Hayat al-Ameer) honoured the Saint Shah Latif with the title Bari Imam. The signs of his sitting place (the retreat of Hayat Al-Ameer) are still preserved in Murree (Pakistan), a place known as Bara Koh.

The punishment for (worldly) crimes is an imprisonment, a fine or a death penalty once. If someone is in the path of Faqr (spiritual poverty), his punishment is Malamah (Blame), whereas the punishment for esoteric sins is very grievous. As for him, who slanders another, his spiritual rewards are transferred as punishment to the one slandered. Further, greed, envy, stinginess, and arrogance efface any recompense written (on the person's record). If a person has any Light inside him, it is confiscated when he impugns or begrudges any Prophet or Saint, just as Sheikh San'aan insulted Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani, consequently he was stripped of his visions and marvels. 

There is a story about the Saint Bayazid Bastami: when he discovered that certain man was insulting him, the Saint granted him a regular stipend. The man continued insulting the Saint, and receiving the stipend too. Then one day, the Man’s wife scolded him that he should either stop taking the stipend, or stop insulting the Saint. As such, the Man started praising the Saint. When the Saint found out that the Man started to praise him, he stopped the stipend. The Man came to the Saint and asked that when he had insulted the Saint he had been paid regularly, and then why the payment was stopped on praising. The Saint replied, “At first, you were my employee, and because of your slander my sins were being effaced, and I was paying you for that service in return. What should I pay you for now?” The enumerated sins are connected with Nafs-e-Ammarah (the demanding Self or the carnal Self), and are aided by the Satan. Whereas piety, generosity, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, humility, and Anwar-e Ilahi (the graceful Theophanies) relate to Qalb-e Shaheed (the witnessing Heart), whose helper is Wali (the Saint), Murshid (the Master).

As long as there is Nafs-e Ammarah (the demanding Self), the Light of any Holy Word cannot be rooted in the heart, even if the verses are committed to memory, as he is just a parrot. When the self becomes Nafs-e Mutmayinna (the tranquil Self), anything impure cannot stay inside him, and then he is illuminated.

You must search for the guides to mortify the Self. They are from God on this (spiritual) duty at all times. The exterior cleansing of the body is done with water, whereas inner sanctity is with the Light. A person is impure and dirty without being cleansed. A clean (or pure) body is worthy of worshiping God, whereas a pure Heart is worthy of receiving the theophanies (Tajalli) of God. Only then does the Holy Scriptures guide the People. The Scripture says Hudal-lil-Muthaqin (the guidance is for the pious Ones). Otherwise, the people of the Scriptures become enemies against each other. Mujaddid Alf-Sani writes in his letters, “those people are not worthy of reciting the Holy Qur'an, who are in the state of Nafs-e Ammarah (the commanding Self), and that the novice must first purify himself by Dhikr-e-Qalb (purify his inner self with the meditation of the Heart). Once illuminated, then recite the Holy Qur'an.” 

There is a Prophetic tradition that some people recite the Holy Scripture, and the Scripture curses them.

The Saint Bhulle Shah stated that there are those who deceive others, yet carry the Scripture under their arms.

The theologian surmises that he makes his worship and vigilance for the sake of God, as such he is very near God. After worship, he asks God for good health, a long life, material prosperity, the damsels and the palaces in the Paradise. Think! Have you ever prayed and asked God that you wish nothing but only God?

The religious scholar surmises that he is saved due to nearness with God, because he has the knowledge and the Scripture inside him. Then why does he give his verdict to others that they are hell-bound, when every Muslim possesses some knowledge, and memorizes some verses from the Scripture? Think! Who sells knowledge? Who is on sale? Who slanders the Saints? Who is envious, arrogant, and stingy? Certain intention (are) in the heart and something else (is) on the tongue, one word in the morning and a different word at night, who presents lies as Truth, and Truth as lies? If you are far from such traits, then you are the Vicegerent of the Prophet, and it is then disrespectful turning one’s back to you.

Allama Iqbal said:
Looks like a reciter (of the Scripture), but is the Scripture (himself) in reality

If you are lost in the enumerated traits, then you are the one described by the wolf, who said that if he had indeed eaten Joseph, then may he be raised as a religious scholar of the ‘fourteenth century’. (Islamic Calender).


The Straight Path

1. The ones, who are outwardly pious but inwardly dark, are mischievous in the religion, and are the successors to the Satan. It is mentioned in a Prophetic tradition, “Be fearful of and stay away from the ignorant priest (scholar), whose tongue speaks the knowledge but the heart is ignorant (dark).”  

2. When Batin (the inward aspect) is well but not zahir (the outward), they are called Majzoob (the enraptured One), disabled, intoxicated and solitary.

Those who have lost their senses in passionate Love, then what for the reckoning on the Day of Judgement." (Taryaak-e-Qalb, by His Holiness Gohar Shahi)

Majzoob are an embarrassment for the religion, but they are in nearness with God. They cannot achieve any higher ranks. The righteous ones are exalted, but the imitators are the heretics. Majzoob treated such dignitaries as the President Ayub, Benazir and Nawaz Shariff during their respective reigns with obscenities, and poked them with sticks. Can you treat this way to anyone in power? But then, this is restricted to Majzoob only, not to others.

3. The ones, whose outer and inner faculties are illuminated, do engage themselves in following the Law as well as practicing Qalb meditation. 

They are Alim-e-Rabbani (divinely inspired masters) and the inheritors of the Pulpit and of the religion of the Prophet. When a person’s outer and inner aspects become one, he is called Naib Allah (the Deputy of God). If he performs a pilgrimage spiritually or in dream-state, he is rewarded as if he performed physically too, and rewarded even more. The worship (Salat) by souls is considered as a ritual worship (but superior). If they worship physically, it is elevated (inwardly also) in the spiritual Realm. These are the people, whose bodies are in one place and the souls are in another place. In the faculty of Faqr (the Spiritual Poverty), they are called Ma'araf (Gnostics) also. For Ashiq (the passionate Lover of God), all he wants is the beatific Vision of God. Some people assert that one cannot behold God. The knowledge of beholding God began with the Prophet Mohammed. According to Abu Hanifa (the eminent Muslim Scholar), he has seen the Lord ninety-nine times. Bayazid Bastami (the Muslim Saint) stated that he has seen God seventy times; The Sight of God is achieved through spiritual entity Anna (which is in the head), and you are unaware of the teachings and meditation of Anna.


The Friend of God

Some people regard a person Wali (the Friend of God) due to his Kashf (unveiling), Karamat (marvel), and Faiz (grace or effusion).

But, if you are disheartened with any of his acts or religion, then rather than impugn him, it is better to stay out of his path.

Who knows? He may be exalted in the Sight of God. A person may be an Elite, who survived after annihilation (in the Path of Allah) or some Laal Shahbaaz or a Khidr or Sai Baba or Guru Nanak or Bhulle Shah or a person may be an eternal Lover of God.


A revolutionary message from Gohar Shahi
To the entire humanity

A Muslim says that I am the most high, whereas a Jew says that his stage is higher than that of a Muslim. A Christian says that he is better than both, and even better than all other religions because he is from the nation of the ‘Son of God’ (Jesus).

But Gohar Shahi says:

“The sublime and most elevated is the one, who has Love of God in his Heart, though he may not belong to any religion."

"The verbal chanting and worship is the proof of obedience and submission to God, whereas Qalb meditation is the means to the Love of God and Access to God.”

The righteous one is exalted; the imitator is a heretic, and the claimant of false Prophet-hood is a non-believer.

The one, who falsely claims Sainthood, is close to disbelief. Wali (the Saint) means a Friend (of God). It is necessary for a friend to have met and entered in mutual conversation with each other. Prophet Mohammed once said to his companions, “There are some tasks for me to do, and they are not for you.”

Every devotee prays and asks God, “Guide us the Straight Way, the Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace.” Only when his soul reaches Baithul Ma’mur (the Celestial Archetype of Ka’aba), it is the worship (Salat) in reality, because it continues even after death, just as when the souls of all the Prophets worshiped in Baith-ul Muqadis (the seat of earlier Revelation) in ‘the Night of Ascension’. Further it is important to strictly follow Shariah (the Law) till one reaches the Vision of God.

Of course, God has created a change for better for the lazy and sinful ones. The meditation of Qalb is atonement for a lack of canonical prayers and sins. At some point, this meditation could make them to be the Lovers of God and enlightened souls. 

When you have missed your prayers (Salat), practice the chanting of the Name of Allah while standing, sitting, and even lying on your backs. (The Scripture)

The nearness, the allegiance, the sight, and the prayers of Saints become a means of good fortune for the sinners, and save them from the Hell. Just as, Prophet Mohammed directed his companions to Owais Qarni (and ask him) to pray for the forgiveness of the sinners among his followers. Generosity, austerities, and martyrdom can also be atonement for sins and forgiveness.

God also likes humility, repentance, and the weeping of a person. As a result of them, God forgave even a person such as Nasooh who used to disgrace dead women, and steal their shrouds (Scripture.)

One day Jesus asked Satan, “Who is your best friend?” Satan said, “A pious stingy.” Jesus inquired as to why, and the Satan replied that such a person’s stinginess obliterates all his worship. Jesus then asked the Satan as to who his worst enemy was, the Satan replied, “A generous sinner.” Jesus again inquired the reason for it, to which the Satan replied, “that person’s generosity effaces all his sins.”

The love of the servants and of the Creation of God, caring (for them), enjoining upon Truth, and seeking Justice are traits to be recipient of absolute Generosity of God. The famous poet Iqbal, a young boy at the time, was returning from school one day, when he saw a bitch following him. He climbed up the stairs (of his house), and she kept staring at him senselessly. He thought she was hungry. His father had left him a pancake (for him). He fed her half the pancake, which she ate quickly, and kept staring at him again. He then fed her the remaining pancake, and he remained hungry for the whole day. At night, his father had a glad tiding approving the laudable deed of his son, thus becoming a chosen one.

While hunting in a jungle, Sabuktageen, picked up a doe (a baby deer), and left. Then, he noticed that its mother was galloping behind his horse. He stopped, and observed that the deer stopped too, and turned her face towards the Sky. Sabaktgeen saw tears in her eyes. Then he set the doe free. After this event, Sabaktgeen was showered with so much Grace of God that he used to often weep over the Name of God.

Maulana Rumi stated:
“A moment in the company of a Saint is better than a hundred years of sincere worship.”

There is a Holy Tradition:
“I become his tongue with which he speaks, I become his hands with which he holds.”

Abu Zarr Ghaffari states, “Recognizing the Saint on the Day of the Judgement, the people will say to God that they had provided water for his ablution. A voice will be heard, “forgive him”. Another will say to God that he had clothed or fed him and the reply will be, “Forgive him also.” Thus, countless people will be forgiven through them (the Saints).” 

There is a Holy tradition:
“If any person detested My Wali (a friend), I do declare war against him.”

Allah’s war (against any one) is not beheading for a day, he is cut off from the Faith (in this life), and in the life to come, he will be excruciatingly beheaded everyday in the Hell. 

Similar to Balyim Ba’ur, who was a very learned theologian and a devout, but due to enmity with Moses, he was sent to the Hell.


People say that you find the Lord through Ibadah (worship)
We say you find the Lord through the Heart

The worship is a way to purify the heart. If the worship did not do it, then you are far away from the Lord. A Holy tradition states, “God does not look at the actions or at the faces, but He looks at the intentions and the Hearts.” Certainly, the worship can take you to the Paradise, but the Paradise too is far away from the Lord.

The esoteric knowledge is for the people who desire the Love, the Nearness and the Realization of God without caring for the damsels and the Paradise. 

According to the Scripture:
God makes them meet any Wali (Saint), Murshid (Master).

When God favours certain Servant because of his certain coquetry, He glances at him with Affection. His Glance with affection effaces the sins of the Servant, including the ones sitting in his company. The Friends of the Lord, ‘the Companions of the Cave’, were sleeping or were on a ‘meditative journey’, and God cast glancing at them with Affection, and their companion dog will go to the Paradise becoming Hazrat Qutmir. When Sheikh Farid came in a Glance of God, a shepherd sitting by was also illuminated. 

When God favoured Abu al-Hassan Kharqani liking some of his coquetry, a course of mutual conversation began. God said to the Sheikh one day, “O’ Abul Hasan! If I disclose to the people about you, they would stone you to death.” The Sheikh replied, “If I disclose to the people how Beneficent God is, nobody would prostrate You again.”  

God then said to the Sheikh, “Do this, don’t you tell (about Us), We won’t tell (about you) either.”

When Zaid was presented (before Prophet Mohammed) for the third time charging him of consuming alcohol, the companions of the Prophet cursed him for repeating the same crime. The Prophet then said, “Do not curse Zaid, as he loves God and His Beloved. The ones, who love God and the Prophet, can not go to the Hell.”

Indeed God loves all His Creation, and looks after them. He even provides for the inept insect inside the stone.

Just as disobedient children are punished and severed, similarly He becomes al-Qahhar (the Dominator) for the disobedient and the arrogant.

Believe this: God wishes to see you also, but you are unaware, unmindful or ill fated. What people look at (face), you wash it every day with soap, apply cream (to it), and trim beard, but have you ever washed what God will look at? (The Heart)

There is a Prophetic tradition: “For every thing, there is a cleanser, and the cleanser of the hearts is the meditation on the Name of God.”

Pure (platonic) love is also connected with the Heart. The ones, who simply utter ‘I love you’, are deceitful.

“Love is not done, it happens with whomever enters the Heart.”

To have God into the Heart, there is contemplation, meditation of Qalb, and Allah’s Wali (a Saint).

The engine of a vehicle does not take us to our destination at its own without the relevant parts of the vehicle.

Similarly, Salat (the Prayers) is imperfect without first mortifying the Self and purifying Qalb.

If you think that your (ritual) prayer is perfect without these essentials, and that you have achieved the Paradise. Then why do you call others non-believer, apostates, and hell-bound when they too pray? The only difference is that the people are riding on different wagons (religions and sects)(Some on the donkey of Anti-Christ while others are on the donkey of Jesus), whereas they are the same inside (dark). There is a difference of the creed only, which will remain in this world, and only the souls inside will go forth.

There is a prayer on the tongue yet obscenity, greed, and envy in the heart; this is called a ritual Salat (a prayer in appearance only). The common folks remain satisfied with it, but they continue to be the victims of sectarianism. They preach causing mischief within the religion. For example: you followed certain sect (a set of rituals) for ten or fifteen years practicing its worship, then you changed to a new sect considering that right. This means that the first sect you followed was false. A false worship is not acceptable (to God). In other words, you wasted the ten or fifteen years of worship that you did. It is also possible that the new sect you join is false too. In that case you lost your past and your future worship. When the blindfold was removed, one found himself at the same spot like the circling Buffalo.

Instead of wasting your life, it would be better if you find a Universal Guide (a Saint).


The tenets of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

Place the pious ones and the worshipers of all the religions in a row, ask God, “Which of them would you like to see?”

Just as your eyes spot a shining star, whether it be Mars or Mercury or a nameless star, similarly God looks at shining Hearts whether they are in a religion or not.

“Without love of the Beloved O' Sachal, what is belief, and what is disbelief?”

In search of God, you run to the Temples, the Churches, and the Mosques. Is there a proof in the history that anyone ever saw God sitting in a place of worship? O' innocent, the dwelling of God is in your Heart. Bring God into your Heart, then you will see the places of worship, and the worshipers run towards you. Saint Bayazid Bastami said, “I circumambulated Ka'aba (the Holy Shrine) for long time, and when God came inside me, Ka'aba is circumambulating me for long time”. These places of worship are the places of recompense, whereas the Heart is home. You will call God in the places of worship, while God will call you in the Heart.

Nowhere in the destiny of the intellectual is a delight of passion

It is the lovers who squander away everything
Allah Allah by doing, you will not find God
It is those of God who make you meet God.

Every religion maintains that its Prophet is most eminent. This tenet was the cause of wars among ‘the People of the Scripture’. It is better you reach the gathering of the Prophets through spirituality (illumination), only then will you find out the ones in that Realm and their ranks.


It was for this time that God mandated:
"We will soon show you Our Signs on the land, and in the outer-space, and even within yourselves."


Sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

“The Terrestrial Spirits of all human beings are re-incarnated many times in other bodies. The Souls of the pure Ones (illuminated) go into the bodies of the Pure. The Terrestrial Soul of Prophet Mohammed was held for Imam Mehdi. Just as any separate part of Prophet Mohammed’s body (hand or leg) can be said the jewel of Amina's eyes (the Prophet’s mother), similarly it can be said about any part of Celestial Soul of Prophet Mohammed that it is the son of Abd-Allah, and the jewel of Amina. The Souls of Ahl-e Baith (the Prophet’s household) are included in the Prophet’s family.”

An important Point:

Mahdi means the one who will guide.

Mehdi means the one of the Moon (Whose face will appear in the Moon).
[As in the names Mehnaz (a Beauty), and Mehtaab (Beautiful as the Moon)].

Mohammed Younus AlGohar  (younus38@hotmail.com)


Important Note

God addressed every Prophet by a special name, which became a means of recognition and Kalima (the Motto) for the followers of the Prophet. These names were in God’s own Suryani language. By its declaration, one enters Ummah (community or nation) of the Prophet. A three-time declaration is obligatory. After entering the nation of a Prophet, one becomes purified to the extent of its litany. At the time of affliction (in life), it rescues. It also helps reduce the reckoning in the grave. The declaration of Kalima (the Motto) is a condition for entry into the Paradise.

Every follower should memorize Kalima (the Motto) of his Prophet, and chant it day and night as much as possible. You can read the Scripture in your language for guidance, but the recitation in original language brings more spiritual grace in the worship.


Kalima (The Mottos) of the Prophets

Kalima of the Christians:
There is no deity but Allah; Jesus is the Soul of God.

Kalima of the Jews:
There is no deity but Allah, Moses speaks with God.

Kalima of the followers of Abraham:
There is no deity but Allah; Abraham is the Friend of God.

Kalima of the Muslims:
There is no deity but Allah; Mohammed is the Messenger of God.

The Hindu and Sikh are a link of the religion of Adam and the religion of Noah. The custom of idol worship started in the Hindu Faith due to Adam’s reverence for Hijr-e-Aswad (the Black Stone). The survivors on Noah's Ark propagated (their beliefs) after reaching India, and their Gurus also received spiritual grace from Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj). In their prayers (benediction), the Hindus call Adam as Shankerji and Khidr as Vishnu Maharaj.

A follower of any religion may have certain language of his own, but Kalima (the Motto) in Suryani language (of God) is for the recognition and salvation. The chanting of the Name of God and Rasul (the Messenger) is necessary at least (33) times morning and evening for common folks. To be protected from worldly hardship, it must be done (99) times a day or as much as possible. To avoid calamities (in life), it must be (5000), (25,000) or (72,000) times a day. It can be done in one sitting. The ultimate figure is (125,000) times a day.

In order to purify the Heart and to efface the dark patches of sins (on the Heart), (there is a discipline of chanting) with every breath, while inhaling LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, and the second part while exhaling, then concentrate on the Heart while exhaling. In acquiring the Love and the Friendship of God, there is another method that is difficult without Favour of God. As described in this book, the heartbeat is regarded as a rosary, and only the Pure Word Allah is synchronized with every heartbeat. Practice this daily as much as possible. Some aspirants acquire this by concentration and others without concentration, yet others do it after reviving (illuminating) their Qalb and the Soul, then this meditation can start automatically all the time.

The chanting of Awliya (the Friends of God) is (72,000) times daily, whereas the chanting of Ashiq (pure Lover of God) reaches up to (125,000) times. If the spiritual entities (inside a person) also engage in chanting, then this invocation is beyond the reckoning of the Angels (Karaman Kathibeen). 

Some on land, some on the Celestial Throne
Some in Ka'aba, some in the Presence of God
(Taryaak-e-Qalb by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi)

Besides the Name Allah, the followers of the Religion should try to absorb the Name of their Prophet also onto the heart, so that the Name Allah is balanced. In the states of ecstasy, absorption or majesty, continue repeating Kalima (the Motto) of the Prophet until that state no longer exists. Further, visualize a Universal Guide, whom you have personally seen, so that the Guide’s spiritual power inscribes the Name Allah onto your Heart. Those who do not follow any religion, God knows as to who holds their destiny (a share of spiritual grace) or if it exists at all. During the practice of this discipline, these aspirants should visualize the names of the five Rasul (the Messengers) in sequence, and visualize any Saint also they have personally seen, and trust. Then, whosoever you belong to will speak inside you. In other words, your direction, love and the Heart will incline towards him. 

The people of the Scriptures (Ahl-e Kitab) were gathered on one platform in the past. Eating and drinking together, and marriages among them were permitted. Similarly in our present time, Ahl-e-Dhikr  (the people possessing the meditation of the Name Allah) will unite. The people of the Scriptures were gathered temporarily, as the Scripture was on their tongue, and lost the touch later. But the unity amongst Ahl-e Dhikr will be permanent because the Name Allah, and Its Light will be present in the blood and the Heart. A disease that enters the bloodstream once, or when love for someone roots in the Heart, it is difficult to let it out.

Water is a common commodity, while its friction transforms into electricity; the milk is churned into butter. Similarly, a litany of the original verses of the Celestial Books generates Light. A litany of the verses and the attributive Names (of God) generate attributed Light. Its access is up to the Angels, and it is an indirect way to God. This is the station of Wahdat al-Wujjud (the Unity of Being). But, the access of the Light by the litany of the Name of the Essence (Allah) is to the Essence, which is direct, and is related to Wahdat ash-Shuhud (the Unity of Contemplation).

Many people revere, believe, and love the Prophet and Saints of their religion, but they possess malice, perverseness, and enmity towards the Prophets and Saints of other religions. Such people cannot attain any status from God, because whom they reproach are also from among the Friends of God, and assigned by the Will of God to different religions and nations.


A few Eyewitness Events of the Loving Souls

An event of an eternally (favoured) soul

Once I was passed through a jungle in the United States at about midnight, I noticed a man rumbling in prostration in front of a tree; I returned there an hour later; he was still in the same position. I approached him, and stopped. He raised his head feeling my presence, and said, “Why did you disturb me?” I replied, “I am also searching for God, but how could you find God through a tree. You are better off searching for the Lord through any religion.”

He said, “I do not know the original languages of the Bible, the Qur'an or other Celestial Books, and I am not satisfied with their translations either, as there are serious contradictions therein. Therefore, it cannot be believed that one God sent them. In one book it says that Jesus is my Son, whereas in another Book He does not have a Son. I have wasted a lot of time and my life in their study. I have now adopted another approach: this tree is so beautiful, this means that God loves it, and may be my access to God will be through it.”

This (man) was (an eternally) loving soul, who was in search of God by his own intellect. Can such people, who are called ‘disabled’, go to the Hell? They are dogs, extolled as Qutmir, whereas Qutmir did not have any religion. (A dog, exalted by God, will go to the Paradise).   

An experience of Miss Katherine of Arizona:
She said, “Angela (a friend) initiated me with Qalb meditation. She said that if I felt the Name of God (Allah) vibrate in my heart within seven days, I should consider myself accepted by God. Otherwise, my life was useless. After seven days of effort, I did not feel any vibrations. I agonized over it one night, and beseeched with God humbly and earnestly. That same night the meditation of the Name Allah started to vibrate inside me, and continued for three years.” Katherine does not concede growing old but a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, she does not acquiesce in religion but in His Love. She says that the Love of the Lord is increasing in her Heart with this meditation, and that this is enough for her.

A meeting with a Hindu Guru:
I was in the mountains of Sehwan at the time. Sometimes I used to visit the tomb of the Saint Laal Shabaz. I noticed a man sitting in the corridor outside the tomb, and many followers of the Hindu Faith gathered around him in affection. I asked, “Who is this holy man?” They said that he was a Hindu Guru, enlightened too, and their wishes reached the Saint Laal Sai through him, and were fulfilled. Many Muslims also respected him.

Passing a hill one-day, I saw the same man prostrated in front of an idol, rumbling something. The next day, when I met him at the tomb; I told him that I did not understand why an enlightened person like him would worship an idol made of clay. He replied that he did not believe the statue to be any God either, but it was his belief, which was written in the book (of Muslims) also that God created man in His own image. For this reason, he carved many images and worshiped them hoping that one might resemble God. He said to me “you are enlightened too, tell me what does God look like, which statue resembles the face of God so that I absorb that image onto my heart?”

My age was about sixteen or seventeen years. One day I was reciting a Holy chapter at the tomb of Saint Baba Gohar Ali Shah (one of my ancestors). When a tall man with an appearance of a dervish came in front of me and said, “You are doing the impossible?” He was saintly in appearance, so I remained silent, but I thought that he was some Satan, who was stopping me from the recitation (of the Scripture).

A long time passed. I was about thirty-five years old when my Qalb meditation started. I used to recite the Holy chapter vocally as I was advised; I would then be silent waiting my heart to recite it; I would then hear it coming from my heart. One day I was joyfully practicing it, when the same man came in the same appearance and said, “Now, you are reciting the Holy Scripture.”

"A cure is not found till the medication goes into the stomach
Nothing is achieved till the Scripture of God descends into the Heart"

He read this poem:
"Verbal declaration everybody does, Heart recitation do but a few
Heart affirmation is done by lovers, what would our verbalizing friends know."

After I had completed my prayers in the Mosque of Data Darbar, I noticed that an elderly man was tidying the shoes of the worshipers. I felt that this man was only tidying shoes, and did not say his prayers (Salat). While leaving, I said to him, “As you did not make your prayers, what do you hope to gain by tidying shoes?” He said, “I have not prayed my whole life, and what hope of forgiveness can I now have in this old age for the missed prayers? I have a ray of hope that among all these people, there would be at least one Friend of God; the Friend of God or God himself would be happy with this act.” I told him that there was no act greater than the prayer. He then retorted, “There is nothing greater than the Friend (God), only if one could make Him happy.” Three years later, when my spiritual seclusion ended, one day I journeyed (spiritually) to a gathering of the Prophets, and saw the same man sitting at the feet of the Beloved. I then remembered this couplet:

The sinful reached the Holy Court
The devout and chaste stood watching



His Holiness was born in the Indian sub-continent on November 25, 1941, in a small town of Gohar Shah in the district of Rawalpindi. His mother is ‘Fatimi’, a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. She was the daughter of one of the (paternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah. The father of His Holiness is a descendant of one of the (maternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah, and his grandfather was linked to the Mughal family.

His Holiness was inclined towards the tombs of the Saints from an early age. The father states that His Holiness used to disappear from the age of five or six years, only to be found sitting next to the tomb of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Awliya (in Delhi). His father further states that he felt as though His Holiness (at young age) was talking to the Saint Nizam-Uddin Awliya. This was the time when the father of His Holiness was settled in Delhi.

In March of 1997, His Holiness visited India, and (during his visit) he went to the tomb of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Awliya. On the direction (spiritual) of Saint Nizam-Uddin Awliya, the attendant of the tomb, Islam-Uddin Nizami (a descendant of the Saint Nizam-Uddin Awliya) honoured His Holiness by placing a ‘turban of honour’ on his head, close to the head-side of the resting Saint.

Whatever His Holiness uttered from an early age, would happen, and his father would fulfil every request and demand of His Holiness for this reason. His father says, “Gohar Shahi, as is the daily routine, comes into the courtyard every morning, and upon his arrival, I stand up out of respect for him.” He states that Gohar Shahi gets upset at this, and says that as he is his son, this embarrasses him. I say to him on every such occasion, “It is not to you, but to God who lives inside you, I stand up out of respect.”

The headmaster of the Primary School in the town of Nuri says, “I was known in the area as a strict teacher, and I used to chastise unruly children. He (Gohar Shahi) would arrive at the school late. Whenever I was angry at him, and wanted to punish, I felt as though someone had taken hold of my stick, and in this way I would start smiling.”


Comments made by the family and friends of Gohar Shahi

“We never saw him fighting or arguing or beating up on any person, and if ever a friend was angry with him, and came to fight with, he would just laugh it off.”

The wife of His Holiness states:
“In the first instance, he is never angry, and if he is angry, it is very rare, and this is usually relating to some obscene matter.” Regarding the generosity of His Holiness, she says, “In the morning when he goes out to the courtyard, his pockets are full (with money), and returns with empty pockets.”

He gives all the money away to the needy, and when I need some money, he makes a face, and this upsets me. Then she looks at his innocent face and recites this:

He is very generous at the Heart; he sits having given away everything.

The sons of His Holiness Gohar Shahi and their views about him:
“Our father loves us dearly, and takes good care of us, but whenever we ask for money he gives us a very small amount, and says that we will waste it. It is then that we ask him to either make us Dervish too, or give us some money.”

The mother of His Holiness Gohar Shahi and her views:
As a child, if he did not go to school or (later in life) if he suffered a business loss, I would criticize him but he never raised his head in response. An Elder, Kakka Mian from the village of Shams, used to say, “Don't scold Riaz, you are unaware of what I see inside him.” He is such a sympathizer to others that if he heard a bus had broken down eight or ten miles away, he would have food prepared for them, and taken it himself on his bicycle.

A close friend of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, Mohammed Iqbal of Fazoliyanh:
Mohammed Iqbal states that they (His Holiness and Iqbal) would sometimes walk across the marshland in the rainy season, and notice a row of ants crawling on the path. He would walk on the path ignoring the ants when His Holiness would walk around and in the mud to ensure no harm came to the ants. When His Holiness was accused of murder, Qudoos Sheikh of the crime branch came to investigate. The locals told him that Gohar Shahi would never have killed a mosquito in their view let alone the murder of a human being.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi and his Aunt:
His Holiness said, “Long time back, I was a student in the Eight Grade at the time. One day my Aunt, who was very religious and a keen worshiper (who possessed envy and greed, which are often found among the worshipers), said that everything was right about me except that I did not make my prayers.” I said to my Aunt, “The prayer is a gift to God, and I do not want to collude my prayer with stinginess, arrogance, envy and grudge, and send it to God.” I told her that I would pray when my prayer was proper and right unlike people like her, who make their prayers, and at the same time commit grievous sins like back-biting, slander, and slandering others.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi talks about his childhood

“From an age of ten and twelve, I used to talk to the Lord while in the Dream State, and I used to see Bait-ul Ma’mur (the Celestial Archetype of Ka’aba), but I was unaware of its reality. On completion of my spiritual seclusion, when the same communication, visions, and sights came again, their reality became manifest.”

I had an Uncle in the army who used to visit brothels. His family prohibited this. He took me with him on one occasion so that his family would not suspect (his intentions). I had no understanding of brothels and prostitutes. He would give me some tea and biscuits (leave me waiting), and would go inside the brothel himself. He said to me, “This is an office for women.” I was weary with this place a few days later, when my Uncle said to me, “They are women, and God made them for this purpose.” He tried to pollute me also.

My Uncle’s words disturbed me. I could not sleep all night struggling with my Nafs (Self), and then suddenly I fell asleep.

I saw a large round elevated stage, and I was standing under it. I heard a loud voice from above it, “bring him forth.” I noticed that two men held my Uncle, and brought him forward; they pointed towards him that he was the one. The voice was heard again, “Beat him with the metal bars.” The men started beating him. He then screamed, wailed, and eventually his face turned into that of a swine. The voice then said (to me), “If you will become involved with him, you will be treated likewise.” I then repented, sought forgiveness, after which I woke up with these words on my tongue, “My Lord I repent, my Lord I repent.” The effects of this dream stayed with me for a few years.

The next day, I was travelling towards my village on a bus, I noticed that a few robbers were trying to pull out a cassette player from a taxi. When the driver resisted, they took out their knives, attacked, and killed him. On witnessing this event, our bus stopped. On seeing us, the robbers ran away. The driver died in agony before our eyes. I thought that the life is so uncertain. I went to bed, and this poem was echoing inside me: “Forgive all my errors, I have come and fallen at your (Holy) court.” The whole night passed bewailing. Some time after this event, I renounced the world, and went to the tomb of the Saint Jaam Dataar. I did not find any solace there either, and my brother-in-law brought me back to this world again.

At the age of thirty-four, the Saint Bari Imam appeared in front me and said, “Now is the time for your return to the jungle again.” After three years of spiritual seclusion, when I achieved something, I returned to the tomb of the Saint Jaam Dataar. The Saint (came out of his tomb and) appeared in front of me. I said to him, “If you had accepted me (initiated me) when I came to you earlier, I would have been spared of the carnal life (that I had lived before I went to the jungle)” The Saint replied, “It was not your time then.”


Few Facts about the esoteric personality of
His Holiness Gohar Shahi

At the age 19, the Spiritual Entity Jussa-e-Tofiq-e-Ilahi was attached (to His Holiness.) It remained for a year, and His Holiness tore away his clothes, wrapped a piece of clothe around his waist, and went to the jungle of Jaam Dataar due to its effect. That spiritual entity was temporarily assigned. It disappeared for fourteen years, and then it was the cause of his return again to the jungle of Laal Bagh in 1975. 

At the age of 25, the ‘spiritual entity of Gohar Shahi’ was exalted, and made the Commander-in-Chief of the esoteric forces as a result of which His Holiness was protected from the mischief of the forces of the Satan and the worldly satans. The spiritual entity Jussa-Tofiq-Ilahi and the spiritual entity Tifl-e-Nuri are very special and far superior to the Souls, the Angels and (ordinary) spiritual entities. The former like the

Angels have a direct connection with God, and their station is Ahadiat (the Realm of Divine Oneness). 

At the age of 35, on the fifteenth night of Ramadan in 1976, a spiritual seed (entity) of light was placed in Qalb of His Holiness. Some time later for education and training (His Holiness) was called to many different Realms and Spheres. On the fifteenth night of Ramadan 1985, that spiritual seed of light transformed into the Spiritual Entity Tifl-e-Nuri. It was completely handed over (to His Holiness), as a result of which His Holiness was honoured in the highest and most superior “gathering of the Prophets”, and the crown of glory was placed on his head. Tifl-e-Nuri is granted a rank after twelve years, but it was granted (to His Holiness) in nine years due to the worldly duties.


Reasons for celebrating the days of “Appointment and Ordination”
Of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

On the 15th of Ramadan 1977, the process of special inspirations (Ilhamath) from God started. The promise of Radhia-Mardhia (well pleased and well pleasing) was made, and His Holiness was exalted. Because every rank, station, and ascent is related to fifteenth Ramada, it is celebrated every year for this reason.

In 1978, His Holiness came to Hyderabad, and the process of guidance and teaching started, and this message spread all over the world before our eyes. The hearts of thousands of aspirants are meditating with the Name Allah and thousands of

Them have the Name Allah inscribed on their Hearts. They were able to see the Name Allah written on their Hearts. Thousands of aspirants achieved (illumination) ‘vision of the graves’ (whereby they were able to see into graves), and ‘vision of the Prophet’s gatherings’ (whereby they were able to attend the most superior Prophetic gathering). His Holiness has cured thousands of people with terminal diseases.

After having received the teachings and guidance from His Holiness Gohar Shahi, the People from every religion, every nationality, and every race found the Love of God, and reached the Essence of God.

“By God! I too am from those people, on whose Hearts the Name Allah, is beautifully written and shining.”

Sheikh Nizam-Uddin, Maryland, U.S.A.


A brief introduction to the Book

  1. If you follow a religion and yet you are deprived of God’s Love. Then, those are better than you, who do not follow any religion but possess Divine Love.

  2. Love is related to heart. When word ‘Allah’ is synchronized within heartbeats, it thus reaches the arteries through blood stream, as a result it awakens the soul. The souls, having intoxicated with the Lord’s name and attain Divine Love.

  3. Any name of any language that alludes to God, is worthy of respect. God’s original name is ‘Allah’ in Suryani language, (the language spoken by inhabitant of the Empyrean, the throne of God). Angels address God with the name ‘Allah’. The name ‘Allah’ is also attached to Kalima (motto) of every Prophet.

  4. One is worthy of honour, who, with clean heart is in search for God beneath the seas and on lands.

  5. Many Adams were sent simultaneously into different parts of this world. All the Adams were made in this world, of the clay from this world. Whereas the last Adam (Safi-Allah, who is buried in Arabia) alone was made in heaven, of clay from heaven. The angels prostrated none of the Adams save Adam (Safi-Allah). The Satan became the enemy of the progeny of the last Adam (Safi-Allah) alone.

  6. There are seven (7) types of Spiritual Entities in human body. They belong to different realms, heavens and functions in human body. When enlightened, they form in the image of the man. They could simultaneously reach many places, even the gatherings of the Saints and the Prophets, and at the same time, they could enter in the mutual colloquy with God and behold Him.

  7. There are two religions for every human being. One for the physical body, it finishes as the man dies. The other religion is for the soul (It exists since the primordial time) it is Divine Love. Through this only, Human is exalted.

  8. Divine Love is superior to all the religions. To behold God is superior to all kinds of worship.

  9. Knowledge, relating to the creation of humans, animals, rocks and trees. Reasons as to how and what is prohibited (Haram). What is allowed (Halal) for consumption and why?

  10. Who (creature) existed even before the command ”Be” (for souls and angels) which of the dogs, will enter the paradise being Qatmir? People, swhose souls had already recited the Kalima (motto), in the primordial time?

Who is the man, the secret of whom is not disclosed in this book?
It is a must to read this book for knowledge and research

Mullah Omar of Taliban is the Anti-Christ

Mehdi Foundation International UK The Goharian Philosophy of Love www.goharshahi.com 9th July 2005 Mission Statement from the News Desk of MFI UK Mullah Omar of Taliban is the Anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden is his right hand, a devil in human form Taliban and Al-Qaeda A serious threat to Humanity and global Peace Mehdi Foundation International is the Goharian Philosophy of Global Peace and Divine Love. His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the Messenger of Love and Peace. His Message is that of uniting the whole of humanity into one Global Nation with the bond of Divine Love. His Holiness Gohar Shahi's teachings are the same as those of Lord Jesus- Divine Love. His Holiness Gohar Shahi declares that religions of the world have failed to provide the sustenance of soul and heart. The core of every religion is lost, thus emergence of sectarian element has boosted the conflict of thoughts and developed hatred. What we now need is Love! His Holiness Gohar Shahi reveals the identity of Taliban and its one-eyed leader Mullah Omar. · Mullah Omar of Taliban is Evil by nature. Hatred is his only religion. He is a murderer. He is not only the enemy of the West but also the East. Whoever rejects his philosophy is his worst enemy. He has already waged war against His Holiness Gohar Shahi due to His teachings of Divine Love. · Mullah Omar is the ANTI-CHRIST. He is the Enemy of Lord Jesus. He is the Enemy of humanity. He is the Enemy of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. He must be stopped by use of power. We need an organized war waged against this brutal enemy of the humanity. · Mehdi Foundation International UK offers to assist the Government of Great Britain to support its cause against these terrorists. · Let UK not be a safe heaven for Islamist militants and terrorists Mehdi Foundation International is determined to enlighten the hearts of masses with Divine Love, for love is the only way to restore peace and wipe out hatred Yours truly, AlGohar Younus London UK

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