Speeches collection of Younus AlGohar


Speeches collection of Younus AlGohar

Talk with Mrs. Alice about Jesus:

Jesus the Spirit of God, Jesus is son of God. God incarnate in Human Form. He ascended to higher realms when he was 35. He returned to this world 9 years ago. Presently, Jesus is in
Sri Lanka. Those who acquire Spiritual Union with Essence of Jesus, they would enter His World. Jesus would give them Eternal Life. Jesus is greater than Abraham, David, Moses and Mohammad.

Question: Sir, You told that lord Jesus is in Sri Lanka, Can you just tell me whether He is in human shape or Holy Spirit?
Answer:   God created humans in his own form. There is no difference in Human or Divine FORM. He is present on earth in body of flesh and blood, the same body that sacred Mary gave birth to.

What is full baptism? The Christian people take full baptism to reach heaven; Bible says, please explain.
Answer:   Baptism is like Blessings from a Spiritual Guide. John baptized Jesus, Although Jesus didn't need it. The Holy water is a metaphor rather than just water. Holy water means Enlightenment. We need to be baptized in order to purify our ego. No unclean man can enter heaven. Baptism is for Inner Purification, this is why we need baptism.
Only those can baptize masses who are appointed by Jesus. The Deputies of Jesus, Those who are spiritually connected to JESUS.

STUDY OF BIBLE OR QURAN DOES NOT CONNECT ANYONE TO JESUS OR GOD. WE NEED SPIRITUAL SCIENCES IN ORDER TO CONNECT OUR HEARTS WITH GOD, IN ORDER TO OBTAIN DIVINE UNION. There are thousands of scholars of bible and quran today; still we are divided into countless sects and groups. If we understood bible and quran, we would have similar beliefs and faiths.

Question: In Christian many people claim that they have Holy Spirit in them, they talk in different languages to God, please explain its reality.
Answer:   Holy Spirit may enter any human being, no doubt; but you have to be purified. We have to revive and awaken our souls before Holy Spirit bless our inner with Its Divine Presence. Those who manage to get purified, Holy Spirit enters them and they may talk to God in any language.

I must tell you that Jesus doesn't stay at one specific place. He keeps travelling from one place to another.

Question: How can we know that some person has Holy Spirit in him/her or
he/she is purified or not?
Answer:   One who has the presence of Holy Spirit in them; they can purify other human beings. They can help bring Jesus and God's love in their hearts. One who suffers from hatred, he or she cannot be regarded as being purified. The Purified ones become LOVE from Head to Toe. Love is their religion. Through them people may access Jesus and God.

Let God find you.
If your soul is not revived no matter how close you were to Sarkar or to Prophet Mohammad. They are not going to recognize you tomorrow. Because they have haven't seen your body.

God does not look at your face and body. If he wants to look at you he will look at your heart. He will able to look at your heart only when your heart is enlightened with his Noor. Because in every direction where ever his Noor is to be found it comes within the range of his eyes. It comes within the range of his sight. If some thing which does not has his Noor, it is out of his sight. In order to bring your self under his sight you must enlighten your heart.

It is very difficult to find God. You can not find God. So what is the right full way? Don't find God because you can not find God, Let God find you.

How will God find you?
There is a rule. Any object that processes even a single spark of God's Noor automatically comes within the range of his sight.

Example: If you are a traveler and you are lost in a desert, what do you do?
Either you will make a flag of white cloth you can not find them. So you make gestures that they find you.

Similarly because God only look at your heart and only those hearts which are enlighten. If you want to find God, you can not, so let God find you. How can God find you? Even if you manage to bring a minute spark of his Noor and your heart is enlightened with his Noor, you will automatically come within the range of his sight. When you come within the range of his sight, he will look at your heart and he will find you.

This is the only method to come in God's sight.

Spreading the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love
                                                                                                                                  Today's speech of Younus AlGohar:
It is very important to note that souls from Alam-e-Jabroot were sent in to this world in accordance with the level of their faith. Those souls who had the lower level of faith were sent at the time of Prophet Adam. In the primordial times souls were granted different levels of faith, love and contiguity of God, proximity of God. People who were confined to faith and knowledge of heart only, those souls were sent at the time of Prophet Adam. And then those souls with higher level of faith were sent at the time of Abraham. And then so on. The best souls were decided to come at the time of Imam Mehdi. No wonder Imam Mehdi revealed and brought Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God).

Now Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God) is brought by Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, it means people who were born at the time of Prophet Mohammad, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Abraham Prophet Moses and Prophet Adam they were not supposed to enter the religion of God. Now Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has bought The Religion of God and we are also here, it simply means that the people who are living in this time and age the special souls are to be found within this group.

Religion of God is of two types.

1. The Love you have for God
2. The Love that God has for the Grand God

If your souls has enlighten with the name of God you will obviously have the love of God, then you are in the first form of Religion of God. It was impossible to people to travel to the Grand Lord so no body enter in that religion but expect those who already lived in the unseen world.

Now fortunately enough Grand God has appeared in to this world. He has come into this world in the guise of Imam Mehdi. Then the secret of his real being has been exposed to one person and that one person has made it clear to every single person here, that the personality that you regard as Imam Mehdi is not only Imam Mehdi but is Rab-ul-Arbaab in the guise of Imam Mehdi. Now if you have love of His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi then you automatically enter the secret Religion of God.

There are three levels of ISHQ.

It starts as soon as the name of God enter into your soul and it is colored with the name of your Rab you enter the religion of God. Three levels of Ishq-e-Haqiqe. If the name of your God enter and mingled with the reality of your soul then you have entered in the Religion of God. But you are at the shore of Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God). Like you are at the sea shore you are not in the middle of the sea.

Entering the name of your Rab in your soul is your entry in the Religion of God.


Talk with Christians:
Johnson and Philip are here and saying Hello,
Mr. Philip likes to say something and asked something about the mission.
Answer: Please do speak by all means.
The place of Love is Heart. You will have to enlighten your heart to bring Lord Jesus into your heart. That's all Lord Jesus is Light of the Universe, as it is mentioned in Holy Bible.
The name of Jesus also creates Divine Light. You have to bring the name of Lord Jesus into the heartbeats to create Divine Light. The Name of Lord Jesus is itself a spiritual entity. It is granted to be articulated within heartbeats by a spiritual master.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi has taught and instructed us to spread Love of God, Love of Jesus all over the world to all humanity. There is a very important thing that needs explanation before we further discuss this notion of Love. As you may know Jesus is not the Real name for the Lord. In Urdu, we call Yasou Maseeh and in Suryani we call "Issa". Suryani is the language that Lord Jesus SPEAK. In order to obtain spiritual grace of His Holy Name we have to use His Original Name.
In English we say, Jesus the Spirit of God. In Suryani we say, Issa Rouh Allah. You will be able to obtain Divine Light from Lord Jesus only when you use His Original Name and you will be blessed. The advent of Lord Jesus is near Listen.

The images of Lord Jesus have appeared on the Moon, Holy Black Stone in
Jesus the only Begotten Son of God would be more merciful upon you if you work for His Cause.

How will you prove to the world that Jesus is Son of God? You do not have that knowledge. We shall train you. We shall equipper you with Proper knowledge.

I tell you how. God created Adam in His Own Form........verified by bible and traditions of the Prophet of Islam Mohammad. Whatever God has in His Being, He put it the same in Adam. The Only difference is that Adam is the Posture of clay. Meaning, you have a pair of eyes, ears, legs and hands, so does God. Your Biological system works through the energy created by Blood. God's system runs on Light. You have Blood in your arteries and veins, God has Light. You have biological bacterium in your blood. God has bacterium of Noor (Light). Your Blood is converted into white fluid called semen which contains life cells.

Younus AlGohar Speeches

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